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With the Chinese government limiting and restricting what businesses can invest and spend on European football now after an initial flurry, are we going to see football clubs slow down?

20 British clubs currently with Chinese investment, Walsall are the only West Midlands team to not be owned by a Chinese investor. Birmingham have spent a fair whack this Summer but could it come to an end?

@Fairy In Boots have there been any changes to Villas approach in the market from when the takeover first happened now?

I know there was interest in us from a Chinese outfit as reported by the FT but I believe we ended that.

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We've slowed due to the need to comply with FFP next year as Tony Xia feels the squad is competitive. I agree with him, I gather he's had to do something where he sends money out of China to a holding company to purchase millennium films to get round this law, I suspect he'll do the same for us. In fairness though he could turn out to be a charlatan we don't know yet

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