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Augsburg manager Hofmann: "RB Leipzig doesn't deserve to have a Bundesliga license"

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German source: 


Translated statement from Hofmann: 

I don't think that Leipzig fulfills the requirements of being a club as defined by DFB. It might be a club juristically, but it doesn't fufill the obligations. They have 17 members, no one else is allowed to be a member. But I want to be a member. So we'll try out in the next months if I can become one. Why shouldn't that work if the club fulfills the actual requirements of DFB? I'm sure that Oliver Mintzlaff (RB Leipzig manager) will chase me with his communications staff now. But I don't like him anyway.

Don't get me wrong, Leipzig plays fantastic football. A lot of clubs spend way more money and do it worse. But rules are equal to everybody, they're not more equal for anybody.

I like this Hofmann guy :x

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Small correction: one is allowed to become a member, they'll gladly take your money but refuse you any voting rights which are reserved for the elite 17  xD 

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