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Had to get my laptop fixed over Xmas and everything I had on it has now gone. 

When I bought the laptop in 2016 for Xmas, it came with McAfee at a reduced price (if I remember correctly) but that subscription has now run out and I need to renew but it's 50 quid which I don't necessarily want to pay at this time.

For someone who doesn't really have a clue with this stuff, what would you guys recommend? Do I need pay something for virus protection? What's the best thing? Is there anything free?

I don't mind paying around 20 quid but just wondering what's the best thing to do. @Rab


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I use Avira anti-virus. I know a lot of people who do what Rab does and just use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes - and those people I know that do that are some of the most computer literate people I know. But Avira is free and does a decent job.

Don't use Kapersky Labs though, whatever you do.

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