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Serie A 2017/18 - 24^ Giornata [09/02 - 11/02]

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24^ Giornata
Fiorentina vs Juventus

SPAL vs Milan
Crotone vs Atalanta
Napoli vs Lazio

Sassuolo vs Cagliari
Inter Milan vs Bologna
Chievo vs Genoa
Sampdoria vs Hellas Verona
Torino vs Udinese
Roma vs Benevento

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  • The title was changed to Serie A 2017/18 - 24^ Giornata [09/02 - 11/02]
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Huge win for Napoli yesterday. Not only winning but winning fairly comfortably. The fourth goal was absolutely superb.

Lazio's recent bad form gives Roma a huge chance to move back into the top four again today. With Benevento as their opposition, they have no excuse not to.

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Roma 1-1 Benevento at half-time!

Benevento took the lead as well through in a very fortunate manner. A shot was deflected and it spun round in to the net past the reach of Alisson. Constant pressure from Roma since that early goal and it paid off through a Fazio header from a free-kick. 

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