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Pirlo - MLS Needs To Scrap Salary Cap To Compete With China

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"I've seen improvements and from what I have seen in friendly games and the first two rounds of the regular season, the quality has risen a lot," Pirlo told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Certainly I would get rid of the restrictions on the transfer market, though.

"Enough with the three exceptions to the salary cap, which is too little to convince other stars to come here. They need to develop a liberal system where you can buy and sell players without restrictions.

"Now there is even the competition from China. Especially if you want to compete with other leagues, at home and abroad, you have got to get rid of any restrictions."




Stick or twist? 

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Will never happen. That's concept is just so foreign to American Sports that I'm not even sure how they would conceive to implement it. In U.S. sports we strive for parity among all the teams, assuming the ownership has their shit together. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, or a bad one, but this is a concept that will over be done with IF the league allows teams to pay over the salary cap, but implement a luxury tax for those teams that do, much like how the MLB is run.

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I think the big thing Pirlo isn't thinking about is quality of play, if players want just straight up money then they'll go to China. If they want a culture similar enough to that in Europe and a league with a good mix of talent and ability then they'll go to MLS, simple as that.

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