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Serie A 2017/18 - 26^ Giornata [24/02 - 26/02]

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26^ Giornata
Bologna vs Genoa
Inter Milan vs Benevento

Crotone vs SPAL
Fiorentina vs Chievo
Sassuolo vs Lazio
Hellas Verona vs Torino
Sampdoria vs Udinese
Juventus vs Atalanta
Roma vs Milan

Cagliari vs Napoli

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4 minutes ago, ScoRoss said:

I understand the frustration of the Inter fans, but they are making it more difficult for their team creating an atmosphere like there is at San Siro tonight.

It's hard to keep your head up with how long our play has been uninspiring. While I'm not one to 'boo' or jeer my own team, I also completely understand those that do. I can not honestly remember the last time we really played a well rounded match and controlled a game.

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Just now, Dalmore said:

^ One more time it was proved that Inter can't do shit without him. To be honest though I don't care if we win this game or not. I'm already so ashamed of the first half we had.

With the amount of times we have passed to players that aren't there, over shot players with passes, and ran into each other, you'd think this team was put together last night for the first time.

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1 minute ago, Eco said:

Glad to see Icardi sit back down after the two quick goals.


I'm also glad to see all those reactions from him. He was anxious and disappointed as long as the score was 0-0 but after Skrini scored you could clearly see how happy and relieved he was. The boy cares about Inter. (one of the few players we have in our squad who really do so)

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