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UEFA Drop Charges Regarding Rhian Brewster

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UEFA has dropped charges against Spartak Moscow over allegations of racist abuse towards Liverpool's Rhian Brewster due to lack of evidence.

The 17-year-old had to be dragged away by Liverpool team-mates and staff after being reportedly upset by what was said to him by one of the Russian team's defenders.

Leonid Mironov denied using racist language but did admit swearing at the Liverpool forward during his side's 2-0 defeat in a UEFA Youth League match.

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8 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Unfortunately, it seems that UEFA are like the FA in the sense that they won't take things further. Happened with Holgate and now it's happened with Brewster. 

How can you take it further if you have no evidence?

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I don't  know about uefa but I know the fa go on what was more likely. That is why Terry wasn't punished in court but was by the fa. So if uefa run the same then there couldn't have been much evidence. Doesn't  mean that it didn' happen though. Not sure  if the rest  of europe is as anti racist as Britain though. Interestingly  when I had the football on last year and my auntie was there she noticed the kick it out slogan on the bourd and then a kick it out  advert was shown. She says they go on a lot. This is somebody who doesn't think gollywogs are offensive.

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