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Aston Villa New Kit Deal with Luke1977

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Villa have entered a kit deal with Luke 1977 & Fanatics. 


im actually really pleased, the guy is a friend of a friend who’s done really well with his label and us a big villa fan. His gear is generally quite smart so I’m pleased we’re not going for a mass market template that 20 other clubs round Europe have. 

Fanatics is purely for the large scale production it seems it will have the Luke logo. 


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That's wholly admirable from Villa.

The miserable bastard in me knows it's most likely purely a financial decision, but on the face of it, huge credit to see such a well-known club (or 'brand', if we're staying cynical) give two fingers to the turbo-conglomerates of Nike and Adidas in favour of one of their own.

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That's actually very cool. This is a massive opportunity for a local business and local businessman. Which is cool, because while Villa are a club that's been owned by a foreigner with no real connection to Birmingham & that Lerner idiot before him... at least this Chinese bloke's using the club and the club's kit to really give exposure to a local business & also let a lifelong fan who makes clothes design the shirt... that's nice. And it certainly seems like a nice tough and uniquely local, which is something football is definitely losing.

It's also a big opportunity for Fanatics, who're fairly big but not as big as a lot of other sports apparel companies... that you've probably heard of more frequently because they're bigger. If the local business is in charge of the design and Fanatics is in charge of production and distribution and Villa get back into the top flight, it's going to be pretty big exposure for them. Because I'm assuming a local company with a lifelong fan will be making designs that are classy and will be popular with fans, and he's got a fashion company so I'm sure his shite's pretty trendy. So if they get associated with some good looking kits in the top flight, I imagine that's going to go a long ways for their reputation and helping them grow as well.

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