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Muzzy Izzet

Steve Walsh

Matt Elliott 

Gerry Taggart

Sir Trevor Brooking 

Lloyd Dyer 

Paul Gallagher

Simon Grayson

Darren Eadie 

Gary Mabbutt

Seamus Coleman 

John Hartson 



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Henrik Larsson

Rab Douglas

These two are the only ones I've actually spoke to (just to ask for autographs when I was wee).

I've also passed quite a few just out and about in Glasgow, including Gael Clichy, weirdly. I also walked by Henrik Larsson in Copenhagen last year, but I didn't chase him down. I told myself it was because he was with his family and I wanted to be resepctful, but tbh even 16 years after getting my autograph from him I still felt my heart stop a bit when I spotted him.

Oh and my brother once was on a night out with Jackson Irvine and Mustafa Amini.

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I haven't met anyone that famous really. Although I  have spoken to a man who scored the winner against arsenal for Bristol city when they got in the top flight in the 70's. Was quite funny actually I was  saying that Bristol city beat arsenal in their first game in the top flight in the 70's and the bloke who scored was winner was standing  next to me unknown to me.

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