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Here's a thread we can use to talk about experiences in the matchday. You can post pictures you took, talk about anything interesting and overall how different it is across the world given we have a wide variety of members from across the planet.


I go to Universitario games often, although I haven't been since the beginning of February. Since we lost 3-0 at home to Capiata after winning the away leg 3-1. I was so put off by our tactically inept coaching staff that I decided to stop going to games for a while. Our manager has recently left due to health problems although he wasn't the problem, it was his coaching staff so they're all gone now and we're still waiting for the announcement on the new manager. I'm looking forward to it as there really is nothing better than supporting your team from the stands and yelling goal with the crowd. I've been to about 8 games since I've returned. The last 5 I've been to have all been losses.


Here are a few pictures I've taken. All from different matches




I'll probably come in here often since I plan to go back to the stadium in the next couple months. I try to take pictures pre match or at half time and stay focused on insulting the players and the refs throughout the game xD

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9 minutes ago, LaSambadeStGermain said:

How often do you go to games Stan? Are you like Dan who goes to every game possible or just every so often?

every home game and the occasional away game when possible. 

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Top 3 games I've ever been to...

1) Wales 1-0 Belgium Euro 2016 qualifier. Nobody in the stadium could believe that ball fell to Bale in that position. Any other player would've stuck it over the bar but he sent Wales to heaven. The next 70 minutes was so hard to watch but loves a hard fought result.

2) Blackpool 1-2 West Ham Play off Final 2012. I was right above the goal when Vaz Te got the winner. Wembley was a site, half Claret half Orange. What a day

3) Cardiff 3-1 QPR 2008 Championship. I used to love the old Ninian and this game sticks out to me as one of the best. The whole place was bouncing. The side we had was immense and the Messiah Paul Parry himself ran the game.

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Well the last sporting event I went to was a Cubs v Braves baseball game. It was fucking hot, I was in the upper tier getting spanked by the western sunlight and I was pissed out of my mind. I was so badly dehydrated the next morning I was sent home from work.

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Here are a few from yesterday as I promised.

I'm not a fan of either team of course, I went purely for journalistic reasons.

The first goal came quickly as a missed handball call saw a dangerous counter from UTC and Roberto Villamarin finishes his shot with class. 1-0 to UTC. 


After most of the match where USMP attacked, and attacked and dominated the game, they couldn't break down the opposition defence who played their usual game at looking for counters and as per usual did a superb job at it.

The second goal came in the 83rd minute and wrapped it up. Escoe beat his man and ran towards the box. Put in a cross over to star man Gino Guerrero and scored the second goal to make it 2-0 to UTC. The game ended at that. I got 2 interviews afterwards with the manager and UTC's keeper Jose Carvallo (who is also on the national team).


The estadio Alberto Gallardo is located in Rimac, which is the north of Lima. Complete shithole of an area and dangerous as hell. I obviously wasn't going alone. The traffic was horrible and it was far from where I am but inside the stadium usually doesn't have much danger, especially when no one is a fan of Universidad San Martin so the stadium was empty as usual.

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