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FIFA Criticised for Attempts at Handling Racism

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FIFA has been criticised for prioritising commercial gain over eliminating racism from football by the chair of anti-discrimination group Kick It Out.

The world governing body fined England £16,000 after a young England player used an energy drink which was not that of the official sponsor at last year's Under-20 World Cup.

The sanction was £6,000 less than Russia's fine for the racist abuse of France's black players during a friendly in March.

Kick It Out chair Lord Herman Ouseley said: "This incident is just another example of why there is little confidence in FIFA to respond robustly to incidents of discrimination at the World Cup this summer.

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I agree... The fines and general punishments dished out by the football authorities in general (FIFA the worst seeing as they're the world governing body) has always been poor in relation to racism.  It's all rubbish and the commercial gain is true because when these ad spots are released, you can see that the emphasis is the promotion of the trademark.

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