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English sides to take part in Scottish Challenge Cup

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bit odd. 

my first thought was that non-league clubs always complain about travelling long distances, for financial reasons, and now 2 southern clubs fancy a trip up to Scotland xD.

What do the Scottish clubs think of this? Two more teams that have no right to be there but now they must try and overcome for no reason at all...

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Went to Boreham Wood v Dunfermline last week for the novelty value. Utterley unremarkable town, even less remarkable ground, anonymous game that only ever got going when Dunfermline put their arse into gear, the world's most average penalty shootout, several hundred mad bastard Scotsmen and £18 for the priviledge. If nothing else it was interesting to finally see the English and Scottish leagues go head to head - Dunfermline were better and could probably handle low League 2 based on what I saw. Full whack for the game though was taking the piss, I don't know if they were obliged to but the lack of home supporters there was very obvious.

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