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A lot of fuss is made every time this tournament comes around about the advantage the home nation has. Historically this tends to be the case with six previous winners. However, Russia leading in to this World Cup have had awful form.

Could they join South Africa as the second host nation incapable of getting past the group stage?

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Its actually quite possible. I don't think Egypt will give them an easy time and Saudi Arabia are no mugs to turn over and just hand a game which they know they could possibly win based on Russia's current performances leading up to the WC. I don't think they'll exit the group stages personally but I remember them as the kind of team that has a poor run up in the qualifiers and then has a pretty good show of themselves when the time comes to act.

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I didn't realise how shit they were. They're the lowest ranked team in the competition, if that means anything. Saudi Arabia are 8/1 to beat them and I think there's value in that. I don't think they'll get out of the group.

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no !!   mother russia will prevail on the group stages.      saudi is shit.   egypt is like argentina, giving all the responsibilities on one player, in their case on the ailing Salah.   Biggest obstacle is uruguay, they have the vampire Suarez and the Yautja Cavani.

a win against the Goats and the pyramid builders will grant passage to the final 16 as 2nd place ....


but if everything falls to pieces ............. then this is what they'll get from their supreme lord ---------------------------


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