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Gareth Southgate The Fashion Icon

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For years, football fans have been able to emulate the look of their idols with replica shirts, but this World Cup something different is happening: supporters are rushing to buy replicas of Gareth Southgate’s England waistcoat.

Marks & Spencer, which has been the official suit supplier to the England team since 2007, said demand for waistcoats has risen 35% thanks to what they say is “the Gareth Southgate effect”.

A full replica suit will set fans back £265. For an additional £25, fans can also pick up the red, white and blue tie that the England manager has been wearing during the tournament in Russia.

The suits, which were unveiled to little fanfare back in May, are made of merino wool woven by the Alfred Brown mill in Yorkshire which also supplied the fabric for England’s 2014 World Cup suits, and for the Team GB uniform for the 2012 London Olympics.

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8 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

@SirBalon will be furious at not picking up on this trend himself :ph34r:

not picking up?

Mate, he's had this trend before it was fashionable. He's probably doing waistcoats (and only waistcoats) since Southgate missed in 1996.

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