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Republic of Ireland to Join 2030 World Cup Bid

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The Football Association of Ireland is set to join England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in launching a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

The four nations had already announced plans to assess a bid and now the Football Association of Ireland says it will join a feasibility study "following recent positive discussions amongst all parties."

Dublin's Aviva Stadium will be used at Euro 2020 with three group matches and a last-16 tie being staged at the venue.

England, which last hosted the World Cup in 1966, failed with bids for the tournament in 2006 and 2018.

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have already started collectively campaigning to host the 2030 World Cup while Tunisia have shown interest in backing a north African bid alongside Algeria and Morocco.

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We really need to host a world cup. There are only a few countries that could host a 48 team world cup and we are one of them but would maybe have more chance with a joint bid

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1 hour ago, ScoRoss said:

Would be great. With a 48 team World Cup, it probably wouldn't be inconceivable that all Home Nations would automatically qualify.

At least you hope that's the case ;) I think they haven't decided yet whether canada Mexico and the USA will automatically qualify so I guess it will be a similar process of there was a joint British bid. I would actually like to see Scotland qualify for a tournament 

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