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UEFA to Reopen PSG Case

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UEFA has confirmed the investigation into Paris Saint-Germain's potential breach of financial fair play rules is to be reopened.

In June the club were cleared of breaking FFP rules, and the investigation from the footballing body was dropped.

UEFA stated on Monday it would be referring the case back to its financial unit "for further investigation".

The investigation into the Qatari-owned club's spending was initially opened in September 2017, under pressure from some of Europe's biggest clubs, after the French club signed Brazilian forward Neymar for a world-record £200million.

Within weeks the club had also agreed a deal to sign teenage striker Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, on a season-long loan with the obligation to buy for £166m.

UEFA rules mandate that clubs cannot spend more than they earn in any given season and deficits must fall within a 30-million-euro limit over three seasons.

PSG's case is complicated by their lucrative sponsorship deals with Qatar National Bank and the Gulf state's tourism authority.

If ultimately found guilty PSG could face exclusion from European competition for one or more seasons.

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Agreed, I doubt anything will happen... Its important that they at least seem to be mildly interested in doing the right thing to keep the public image up, and when I say public I mean anyone who does not have a scooby about football because we all know they are really a bunch of inept pocket fillers... 

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On the the PSG side of things...

This is like the OJ Simpson case... Everyone in the world knew he did it but everyone also knew he'd get off scot-free.


In the UEFA side of things...

This is also like the corrupt CEO being asked to investigate the company's biggest investor.

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