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Celtic Offer Mourinho Manager Job

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He would love the haggis up here :D 


‘High-ranking Parkhead Sources’ Address Mourinho Reports

The  Daily Record have reported this afternoon they have contacted ‘high-ranking sources at Parkhead ‘ about the rumours emanating from Sky Italia about the club offering Jose Mourinho a contract.

Their ‘sources’ claim that the reports are absolute rubbish and there has been no approach from the Scottish Champions for the former Manchester Utd manager.

Social media was abuzz with the news of a potential ambitious move for José but it always seemed to be a little too far fetched when you consider the kind of money it would take to attract a man like Mourinho.

Neil Lennon remains the front runner and for now, it looks like Parkhead sources have got a hold of this rumour before it got out of hand.

It’s a strange one that this has even been reported by a very legitimate source in Di Marzio.

Celtic have made no plans to announce the new full-time manager until after the season is over.


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