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Palermo Win Appeal & Will Remain in Serie B

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Former Serie A side Palermo have now been relegated to Serie C for financial management and maladministration.

It was said that former owner Maurizio Zamparini had decided to sell the club to a company that he himself established and rented out before selling the former Serie A side to them.

FIGC’s Federal National Court have now announced the decision after a fair investigation.

They released a statement saying that there was a "systematic activity aimed at circumventing the principles of sound financial management and aimed at representing the state of health of the referred company in a manner that is not faithful to reality.

"Against these circumstances, the achievement of clearly elusive activities, suitable for not photographing the real situation of the company, has resulted, continued uninterruptedly from 2015 to 2018 and with their apex relative to the financial statements as at 30 June 2016 whose alterations, as far as it is from the documents that are the object of the trial, they allowed for the registration to the 2017/2018 soccer championship. 

"Therefore, in view of the recognized responsibilities of today's deferred parties and due to the seriousness of the offenses, the Court considers it accepts the requests made by the Federal Prosecutor's Office ."

Never a dull moment with this club.

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Palermo: Stripped of our dignity!

Palermo’s players have slammed authorities for ‘stripping us of our dignity’ after the club were demoted to Serie C.

The decision came as a result of alleged financial irregularities, but the Palermo squad held a Press conference on Wednesday morning to maintain they had achieved a playoff place in Serie B by merit.

“As the main stars of this show, which we are, we cannot find any justification for the behaviour of the Governing Council of Lega B that, in the presence of members with potential conflict of interests and without an objective criterion or regulatory power, has decided to take a decision which distorts the rules of the now-concluded campaign. We ask:

- On what basis was it decided to dispute the playoffs, when only a first-level judgment was issued?

- With which criteria have our colleagues from Foggia Calcio lost the right to contest the playouts?

“We demand, as the players of Palermo Calcio, our right to win on the field, awaiting, at least, the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal.

“At that point, we will accept whatever verdict there is. But until then, we will make our voices heard in every suitable and possible avenue because we have been stripped of our dignity.

“They have taken away our rights to sweat for an objective. We are representatives of a wounded city, of people who want to scream that, in a state of law, it does not work this way, that our rights cannot be trampled on with a sharp stroke of a pen, in a potential conflict of interest.

“We will continue our struggle until we can, accompanied by the AIC, with the intention of asserting and protecting our rights.”


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  • The title was changed to Palermo Win Appeal, will stay in Serie B

I hate the FIGC...


Palermo have partially won an appeal against their demotion to Serie C, as they are ‘only’ docked 20 points for financial irregularities and therefore stay in Serie B.

They had originally been demoted to last place and therefore relegated.

This means that the Rosanero, who had been due to take part in the promotion play-offs before the court case, have enough points under their belt to stay in Serie B next season.

They did have 63 points during the regular 2018-19 season, so go down to 43 points and are mid-table.

It also has a knock-on effect, as Foggia now go down to Serie C with Padova and Carpi.

The relegation playout, which another ruling this week stated would have to go ahead after all, will be between Salernitana and Venezia.

Palermo won their appeal, as the new owners have injected capital into the club coffers, having taken over from predecessor Maurizio Zamparini.


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  • The title was changed to Palermo Win Appeal & Will Remain in Serie B
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