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Happy nurses day

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23 minutes ago, nudge said:

The true unsung heroes of the healthcare system. 

Definitely one of the toughest jobs out there; both physically and mentally. 

Can be made tougher too by some of the people they treat - the number of times this poor woman's been attacked by crackheads she's treated is too fucking high (3 times, which is 3 more times than I'd ever like to be attacked by a crackhead). One time they broke her nose and she had 2 black eyes for weeks cos of it.

And that's on top of the grueling hours and the high stakes of any mistake you might make while on the job.

Tbh, it's an awful job that I'd never want to do. But it's a necessary job and you're right, they are truly unsung heroes. And despite me thinking it's an awful job, the nurses I know seem to love their job and get a sense of pride from it. So they're better people than I am xD and they deserve a day where people acknowledge the shite they put up with and do for society on a daily basis.

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Our daughter was a nurse once so I only remember it from her but could not remember the day? anyway, Happy Nurses Day :congrats:



Happy International Nurses Day – May 12, 2019

The work done by the nurses towards the kind of contribution that they make is quite excellent and they really deserve a lot of appreciation. The International Nurses Day celebrated on 12th May every year is what makes this possible. Needless to say, the day is commemorated in honour of Florence Nightingale who has been the role model for all the nurses globally. The day is specifically designed as a means to spread awareness about the commitment and contributions made by the nurses towards the wellbeing of the society at large.


The History of Nurses Day

The Nurses Day was first proposed by Dorothy Sutherland in 1953. However, it took a while for the official commencement of the official proclamation of the Nurses Day in 1965. The day was proclaimed by the then President Dwight D Eisenhower. The event was first celebrated in 1965 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).
The day is celebrated in honour of Florence Nightingale. Nightingale is considered to be the philosopher of the modern nursing regime. She was born on May 12, 1820. The International Council of Nurses established this day in 1974 to highlight the essence of highlighting the important role that nurses have been playing in providing the best ever healthcare services. Florence was an excellent example of nursing after the Crimean war in 1850.


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