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Group B Matchday 1

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China v Germany has just began. China aren't what they use to be and Germany should win easily but hopefully it won't be as one sided as yesterday 

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Just now, Stan said:

Not a bad first half between these 2. Not sure how it's 0-0.

China should be ahead. No way would Germany not score one of those chances

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4 minutes ago, Stan said:

About time there was a goal. Germany take the lead. Poor defending at the corner.

Didn't realise I had paused the TV until I read that comment xD Germany haven't looked great but that is what Germany always do 

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  • Moderator

Tough match. Some rough challenges by the Chinese team from time to time. Good to start with the three points though, and we can still improve. Bit disappointed with Maroszan today, considering she is our most gifted player. Hopefully we'll find our rhythm against Spain and South Africa. Good game from young Giulia Gwinn today! 

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Spain losing 1-0. 

I'm surprised by this, and think that if this holds true, and with how bad Germany looked, that this group might be one of the most interesting. 

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