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  1. I know it only preseason but nagelsmann has work to do. Winless in all those games And what a surprise Coman has an injury! Davies out still too
  2. I’m surprised Canada got past Costa Rica and into the semis. I haven’t visited this forum much recently but noticed the new look. Like it. Are the badges a new thing? also see that u have watched Dark. Good show that
  3. Another group stage exit. U r right about league start up happening soon. following gold cup but not much tv coverage for it
  4. Germany u21 teams won 2 of the last 3 euro tournaments and yet the national team still struggles. typically there should be some correlation as the core of the 2009 winners went on for great things
  5. From what I have read, group a winner doesn’t play b 2nd. I read that USA and Canada will meet Costa Rica/Jamaica top 2.
  6. Davies out of the tournament with an injury
  7. Out of curiosity are Italian fans as obnoxious blowing car horns everywhere or is that an Italian Canadian thing?
  8. For those who rip on Portugal only winning 1 in 90. italy only win one knockout game in 90. pk against Spain and England and extra time against Austria poor pk decisions by England. Subs to take pk don’t work remember zaza in 2016?
  9. It’s always difficult to declare one player best of all time because times change. Comparing apples and oranges stats are padded with more goals etc because there are more games As others said teammates are different amongst clubs. Look at lewandowski at Bayern v at Poland. level of competition has changed people say Messi never won international cup till yesterday. Well maradona never won the top European club cup. He did win the Europa league equivalent like 1x? So...it’s ok to debate but there result will always be a matter of opinion. And that is difficult to change especially on a forum
  10. Didn’t someone named pele win 3 World Cups? or r u talking about Argentina players?
  11. Yeah and usually came down to South America and Europe team. or they met somewhere in the knockouts. the idea was already there and expanded to other confederations champions. what I would like is to see a team Europe vs team South America.
  12. They did something like that called the confederations cup. They scrapped it after the 2017 edition what is old is new again
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