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  1. Die Mannschaft: Hopefuls

    Agreed. I rate uth over Wagner
  2. Die Mannschaft: Hopefuls

    i like the fährmann choice I'm not sold on rüdiger. Does he have a starting role on Chelsea? And I hope there's no Mustafi either
  3. Die Mannschaft: Hopefuls

    Is weighl from Dortmund still rated highly?
  4. Die Mannschaft: Hopefuls

    I would not bring Leno, khedira, rüddiger. I don't see consistency there. Third string keeper probably keep trapp on the list doubt he will see any playing time anyhow I wouldn't bring Kruse. Front three: sane Werner stindl i liked stindl at the tournament this past summer. Admittedly only place I really noticed him
  5. Bayern should hand the request back. Didnt score in CL matches vs Liverpool got benched in the confederations cup Not a big fan I would prefer Uth
  6. With the World Cup about 6 months out, who would be in your Germany 23 man squad? remember 3 players must be GK
  7. Bayern München Thread

    Hope preseason is not a indication of the year ahead for Bayern. They have been beaten soundly in more than one occasion
  8. Refs did a bad job in Salzburg v Reijeka second leg. Salzburg scored but was called offside EVEN though a Rijeka defender slid past the goal line. How they missed that is a travesty. If it happened to a "big" it would be headline news. The goal would've let Salzburg progress. Guess that's how uefa gets around having two RB owned teams in the champions league
  9. Unpopular football opinions

    Agreed. Must be hard to manage best striker lol
  10. Unpopular football opinions

    1. Away goal rule should be turfed during after extra time 2. Italys "hoodoo" on Germany consists of 2 regular time wins. (1982 & 2012) All other games went to a 90min draw or extra time. Close encounters
  11. Is there a patch for Confed Cup champions?

    That's true. Thanks!
  12. We will have to wait for those u19 of Netherlands to make it to the senior squad so that maybe they can qualify for a tournament 😉
  13. 2017 Gold Cup - Group C

    Mexican team will be fighting fatigue coming back from Russia narrowly missing third place there
  14. 2017 Gold Cup - Group A

    Hope Canada can surprise here
  15. Just wondering if there's a confederation cup champions patch similar to the gold FIFA World Cup patch Germany has on their jersey? i saw that uefa started issuing one for the Euro (Portugal).