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  1. Malta were about 30 minutes from promotion. 1:1 draw meant Faroe Islands advance. So close. ....
  2. Austria promoted. nice a achievement probably won’t stay in league A but good achievement nonetheless
  3. Kroos and gundundan (sp?) are not the midfield needed. man city and Madrid are not as they were, both players dipped in their performances/form
  4. Agreed. even if they changed managers would there be time for new manager to work with the team before euros?
  5. Let löw suffer the humiliation of the euro. bring someone new right after
  6. This is what is in store for Germany in euros playing against France and Portugal in the group phase.
  7. Having a nations league final is weird unto itself. it dilutes the prestige of euros. then again euros are diluted by having 24 teams out of 55 in the final tournament I foresee a euro super cup putting the euro winners vs the nation league champions
  8. True but I don’t see them not getting that win
  9. Is Norway going to be punished for missing the Romania match? also unsure if they will be cleared to play v Austria on Wednesday. All due to COVID
  10. So group winners are France Belgium Italy and a tossup between Spain/Germany relegated Iceland Bosnia Swiss (think Ukraine will edge them) and a tossup between Croatia /Sweden when’s the draw for playoffs and do they play it in March?
  11. Germany can win the group with a draw against Spain. spain will have a lot to prove after today’s game. if Germany do make it through then true humiliation will be awaiting for them by one of the other group winners...
  12. With the results today, can Malta get promoted with a 1:0 win on matchday 6?
  13. Agreed. Any kind of friendlies should be scrapped managers are treating nations league as friendly games anyway by trying new players and formations
  14. True but how many years without a win against Bayern? down to third in the table. If Dortmund want to fix this perhaps time for a change or settle for mediocre performances (second best or now third best)
  15. Another loss to Bayern and slipped to third in the standings. VAR assisted today otherwise would’ve been 5:2.