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  1. Didn't know it worked that way Thought that harry Kane made an appeal to get a goal credited to him rather than his teammate. Why wouldn't a hair pull also be appealed? when Suarez had his "teeth of God" moment it was not penalized on the pitch but afterwards
  2. Agreed. A credible fullback and keeper
  3. Leno has been suspect for some time. Falling out of favour of even the national team coach was kinda surprised that arsenal picked him up from bayer
  4. Added to the fact that fellainis hair (prior to the recent cut) resembled that of a clown. definite suspension would arsenal have to follow up on making that appeal or does the fa do that cuz it was blantantly shown on replays ?
  5. Didn't think of that. It does pose an interesting question. As others posted, will take a few seasons for the tournament to gain steam and better understanding as it affects qualifying for euro. Does it also affect World Cup qualifying other than ranking? Still not clear how qualifying for euro works. If someone could help me out, that'd be great: Regular qualifying begins next year with 10 Groups. Based on seeding of Nations league. Only group winners and second placed teams qualify. 20 of the 24 tournament is decided as a result (So even though Croatia and Germany got relegated they should still finish in at least 2nd in a qualifying group...so no big ramifications) the final 4 spots will be determined by Nations league. Now Here is where I'm not clear: 1 spot for each league. So in league A it should happen that all 12 teams are successful via normal qualifying path. So then does that spot then move down to league B? does Croatia and Germany still "belong" to league A at that point ? suppose that Germany still belongs to league A and all the other teams in that league qualified normally and Germany continued its poor play and doesn't qualify normally. Since the other teams did would they automatically qualify via the Nations league?
  6. The Käiser

    Are Germany Declining?

    With group stage elimination at World Cup (including losses to South Korea and Mexico) followed up with relegation from Nations league, how oh how can Löw's job be safe?????? a change in manager would be the only silver lining to this year.
  7. Wonder if the lineup vs Russia holds for the game vs Netherlands... depending on the result of Netherlands v France tomorrow, could be another friendly anyway
  8. The ref seems to be favouring Napoli. The pk is ok but some free kicks and non calls seem to lean towards the home side.
  9. Why Löw brought off Sané for Draxler is clue #1 for his sacking
  10. And that is that. Hope it's goodbye Löw. Relegation in the cards now.
  11. Hand ball in the box is always controversial. Is the fact that it hit the defenders outstretched hand not enough for a pk? the natural position of the arm is argued. If the same play happens in the midfield, is it not a free kick? i think more clarity is need in the rules. Hence there is shades of grey and interpretation
  12. Squandering chances have been part of their demise recently. That combined with bad turnovers (looking at Boateng & Hummels) hope they can fend off France for the next 50 minutes or so.
  13. The Käiser

    No Ronaldo, no problem.....

    I think he fears playing and scoring against Italy where he now plays club football. He managed to escape playing both matches with various excuses
  14. The Käiser

    MLB 2018/19 Thread

    Why doesn't MLB use head to head records to decide tie breakers? They use it to decide who plays at home for the extra game.