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  1. The Käiser

    Off Topic

    Cheers! Thanks , enjoy the day. Dunno how many fireworks there'll be this year
  2. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Heard Bayern will wait to sign Sane for free. If true, would be nice if they sign havertz with the saved money
  3. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Thank you for the clarification.
  4. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    So for champions league vs Chelsea, Werner can play for them? lucky Bayern has a 3 away goal lead as it will be a month layoff between pokal final and champions league starting. Chelsea will be in full fitness playing in epl games at that point
  5. The Käiser

    2019/20 Coppa Italia

    No CR7 pk.
  6. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Proven his worth 10x? hmmmm hes been injured 10x plus Again I think he's a good player but as another poster said it's a risk to invest money and effort if (when) he gets injured yet again Has Coman been playing for his national team? i think Alaba has proven his worth and deserves a token in terms of extending and helps the club due to his versatility of midfield or defence. Many seasons and durable.
  7. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Appreciate that. However it's also good to keep mgt honest. I recently read that Alaba rejected Bayerns first offer. Rather he stay than Coman. Defense is fragile with injury already
  8. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    I heard Bayern is negotiating with Coman for new contract. Yes he's a good player however yes he gets injured a lot. A lot Not just a quick recovery type injury he usually misses half a season whats the point of having a player who is off the field injured? It is taking the place (and money) away from another player The mgt should look for another player with perhaps a less injury plagued career to breathe new life in the squad
  9. The Käiser

    Lack of German strikers and defenders

    Yes that's the player. I remember him during the confederations cup in 2017. But he faded away since. Draxler is another from that team who faded
  10. The Käiser

    Lack of German strikers and defenders

    What happened to Henderichs?
  11. Typical Dortmund. Guns blazing one game and utter shell of a team the next.
  12. Nothing changed with the score 1:0 Leipzig spurs still need a win, scoring 2, 2:1 would be fine
  13. Moved away from the ball. No offside. De gea could not have reacted to that deflection in any event. How that player "interfered" with play is a good question ...
  14. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Not sure if this has been posted before so my apologies if so: Nübel is not inspiring confidence at being Neuers replacement at Bayern or national team is it just a rough patch for him? I haven't followed his play but Schalke are dropping like a stone