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  1. Would Chelsea have been better with 10 men?
  2. It's soccer law: he who should be off shall score. Ref should be penalized. Surely refs should be held accountable for their mistakes that teams have to bear. Perhaps lampbard has the ref on his payroll 😉
  3. Dortmund needs a first class keeper. May be the difference for them
  4. The Käiser

    2019/20 Europa League - Round of 32 Draw

    It also depends how bad inter want this tournament vs winning serie A. They have a good chance to take away from Juventus. Playing in two or possibly 3 competitions (copa Italian) will test them. Conte is a very competitive coach yes but even he has complained about the clubs depth earlier in the season
  5. The Käiser

    Group B - Matchday 6 - Wednesday 11th December, 2019

    Don't understand coaches why playing gnabry in this meaningless game and sit him out vs gladbach on Saturday ??? now sit adrift of the championship spot and even more alarming they are out of the top four.... and coman must be made of glass
  6. The Käiser

    Group C - Matchday 6 - Wednesday 11th December, 2019

    Atalanta lucky they didn't get a red card after one player fouled and should have gotten a second yellow. That was before any goals And var to the rescue. Both to Atalantas benefit
  7. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Why isn't gnabry playing?
  8. Yes Ukraine won their group but still do some traveling. Netherlands who did not win their group get to play all 3 at home. The draw decided the order of matches and so some teams travel back and forth more than others interesting.
  9. Portugal also only won one game within 90 minutes during the whole tournament. Champions indeed. With this new system, the winner probably will come from a playoff path. It's Murphy's law
  10. Germany getting tough draws lately. Nations league draw was the worst with Netherlands and France. The euro qualifying group drew the Dutch again. Germany were lucky to be winners of that group. And now France and Portugal and potentially Iceland. Potentially 4 league A teams in one group hardly seems even across the board. Italy had easy qualifying group and easy draw today. Guess UEFA wants to ensure to make up for Italy missing out on World Cup '18. The second placed team of group F plays winner of group d, which should be England... i didn't have expectations for Germany going deep in the tournament coming into the draw today, but now don't think they will get out of group.
  11. Austria has to play the playoff winner in Romania and then travel to Netherlands to play the host team and then travel back to Romania to play Ukraine. While Ukraine play the Dutch and then travel to Romania for their last two group games. Nice fair play scheduling UEFA!! two countries hosting a 4 team group was a dumb idea.
  12. Possible that a group may consist France, Portugal and Iceland in addition to a pot 1 team. This is the most interesting draw for a tournament due to the seeding/multiple host Nations/political conflicts 1 group is 3/4 complete over a week before the draw! russia host Belgium pot 1 and Denmark host not bad for Belgium. Missing France and Portugal also quite a bit of travel involved in the final tournament too. As it moves to the knockouts
  13. The Käiser

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Playoffs

    Not sure who will play who in some the matches. Apparently a draw is required to find out who plays against Iceland. I thought ranking would solve it. But no. another draw is required
  14. The Käiser

    Teams Qualified for the UEFA Euro 2020

    Does qualifying games and final tournament games still account for rankings or is that now strictly based on the Nations League? or is it both?