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  1. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Trophies are not the end all? all love flick cuz how many trophies he’s won in such a short time. winning is what counts. As soon as Bayern was slipping in the standings, management made a coaching change. guess the players have to like the coach as well. But kinda that goes hand in hand with winning. When your winning things seem happier/better
  2. Agreed. So is almost every corner impediment for the keeper. Tie game this at best. They want LFC in champions league.
  3. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Community- great show but is true, what has nagelsmann accomplished so far? Trophyless. Yesterday was his best chance and he got demolished 4:1 by an interim manager
  4. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Nagelsmann failed to win the pokal. beaten by Dortmund 2x in a week swept aside by Liverpool in the champions league Wasn’t it 5:0 against Man U ...at least he dressed for the occasion he is not impressing me to be the manager at Bayern at all. I hope that I’m proved wrong. At least kovac won the pokal with Frankfurt before taking over.
  5. Sassuolo had a few close chances to win. Most notably a penalty. Juve a bit fortunate
  6. Fair. I didn’t know that there were games next Tuesday/Wednesday as well.
  7. Probably. Liverpool’s only opponent left that is top half of the table is Man U and they have to play 2x in mid week.
  8. The following week? I haven’t heard of a team playing 2x in mid week.
  9. Don’t understand the scheduling for Man U this week. Don’t think it’s just. Was klopp the organizer? lol
  10. Just noticed Man U has to play 3 games in 5 days. Villa tomorrow then Leicester on Tuesday last being against Liverpool on Thursday. Think Man U will be out of gas by then.
  11. Dunno if it’s silly , trying to block the cross. If each time the ball touches an arm is penalty, there would be much more penalties awarded.
  12. Think it’s harsh. Can you make a sliding tackle with hands/arm at your side?
  13. Navas had too much confidence that the wall would do its job. As a result He cheated on the other side.
  14. Two important games today for the champions league spots. Milan in 3rd right now as Atalanta jumped ahead. With juve and Napoli close behind. Lazio has a game at hand so if they win today against Milan, they are in the discussion again too milan 66 juve 66 napoli 63
  15. The Käiser

    Germany National Team Discussion

    Perhaps. . But I don’t find him to be consistent. Arsenal is not in a European spot in English league or in any cups semi’s. I know that can’t be pinned on one player but I don’t see him playing with a top tier club after his arsenal contract is done.