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  1. AC Milan Facing European Ban

  2. Raining are the tears of fans expecting more from this game. As some said earlier the var decision was the turning point. France offered no real chances in first half and yet were up 2:1. Good fortune and fortunate refereeing did it. I was hoping to see France show their flare but I'm still waiting. Second half Croatia had to press more and France took advantage. Ref probably went to the same ref school as the one in the Madrid v juventus game last season.
  3. Winner was who was favourite. The manner of the win taints it. Undeserved
  4. Thought France would be showing their stuff today rather than relying on luck VAR was bound to come today. It's Murphy's law. Unfortunately it helped the team that is favourite but not showing it on the pitch. Hope croatia can turn this around
  5. Perhaps the ref will be living in a villa in south France by next year
  6. Football gods are cruel France has 1 shot on net: a pk and leads 2:1 horse shoes up ? croatia playing better. More chances more shots more corners Even the free kick given was soft Grease man was falling before contact was made
  7. I forgot did Mertens play v France?
  8. Rather go out of the competition with 2 losses in a row? Or on a more of a high with a win and collecting a spoon for the trophy case
  9. Would be the first football medal the England national team won in over 50 years. Belgium finished runner up in the euro 80 tournament
  10. I rather enjoyed it . All speak of the 7:1 but no one talks about the 3:0 loss to the Netherlands. I thought Brazil would come out flying to prove the previous game a true outlier
  11. No actually Croatia played 30 minutes more. Both teams play extra time in round of 16. Croatia played extra time vs Russia in QF while England dusted Sweden in 90. Perhaps extra time in the final vs France too lol. Hope it will be an exciting final for neutrals watching. Cheering for Croatia to avenge their '98 loss to France Also got a good third place match to look forward to as well. This could be Englands first podium finish since 1966
  12. I noticed him making some loose passes and errors just prior to being subbed
  13. I remember Portugals route to the final. They only won one game in a 90 minute match. They got of the group comprising of Hungary Iceland and Austria and tied each one. They finished 3rd and in the old format would've been eliminated at that stage.
  14. France has been edging toward greatness. QF in 2014. Lost the EURO 2016 finals in extra time. Should be champions in 2018 based on play and history....but that's why they play the games hope the final provides drama and excitement
  15. Exactly my thoughts. I dunno was pogba even that influential in this game? Lloris proved me wrong. Thought Belgium had the edge in goal. Mbappe was kept in check. In fairness I stopped watching after the goal as I figured that would be it. Belgium couldn't muster the comeback instinct like vs Japan