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  1. Were the red cards legit or soft to allow spurs comeback?
  2. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Why is Hernandez looking to leave the club after 1 season which he missed through injury? he was an expensive transfer and the club showed it can challenge for champions league. why would he want to leave?
  3. Everton dark horse this season? Ancellotti and James adding to the existing squad may make them a force not to take lightly.
  4. Chelsea match next week? Should be really interesting if the invest made will pay off
  5. Whenever I see 2 pens awarded to the same team in a game.....Along with the timing of those calls. 5 minutes at start and 5 from the end it is hard to take....seems shady. Feel sorry for Leeds. They were robbed
  6. Lemme guess, a Liverpool penalty ?
  7. Löw will probably be used as a scapegoat for euro 2021 failure. I hope. What’s the term on his contract?
  8. My original point was that the competition Nations League will lose value if managers treat them as friendly games. I believe u defended the managers decision to Treat them as such cuz of a layoff. Which is a lame excuse in my view. my point stands that interest will go down if they view and treat nation league as friendly. Might as well keep friendlies in the calendar then like u said not hard to understand
  9. I’m lost as well. You start by saying the league started in high caliber even though it had a lengthy layoff. Yet for nations league u r understanding of sides being slow and treating them as friendlies based on the league being high caliber after a long layoff, I’m saying why couldn’t the past nation league games be treated with more competitiveness in the same way? the league did so and most likely will do again this weekend why couldn’t the nation league last weekend? Some countries played the A squad and others treated the games as friendly by playing a mix bag of starters resulting in disappointing performances
  10. So the start of the premier league will not be high caliber? but what I’m saying that the league ended just over a month ago, there’s been some Friendies and training camps so I don’t think there should be that much rust on the players. that’s my opinion as these guys are professional. That’s all they do. Training for hours a day. bundesliga ended by start of July and Bayern started champions league in August. Was there lack of sharpness? If they lost I’m sure they would say yes.
  11. Well the premier league And other leagues came back in July and run for a month. so they haven’t been off for 4 months straight also Ligue 1 abandoned play back in March and yet psg and Lyon had great runs in the champions league in August. The lay-off was not bad for them or that they needed time to get back to a rhythm. Usually leagues end in may and start up in August. So the difference is comparable. No?
  12. But haven’t played also been off for 4 months? these are professional players all they do is play. 2 games will destroy them? I don’t think so its funny when a team gets more time off pundits say it’s good so they have time to heal/analyze/practice And be fresh for the next game while others claim time off is not good cuz there is rust/not as sharp which is it? Depends if u win or lose it seems italy v Netherlands was a good example. Italy came out pressing hard from the opening whistle. And got a deserved win. Played a lot more of their regular team. many of whom haven’t played since serie a finished a month ago.
  13. Agreed. A lot of coaches are still treating these as friendly by playing only half the players they normally would and achieving mixed results. if this is going to continue then this tournaments value will decrease fairly quickly. (not sure the tournament has been fully accepted anyways) they should bring back friendly games if this is the case. if teams/managers/players don’t care much to win it, why should the fans?