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  1. Haven’t been reading up on it but has there been any rumours about transfers this summer? if so what are your thoughts on them?
  2. In truth Liverpool had been falling behind in games a lot recently against Villarreal in the second leg and in the premiership (villa I think) perhaps getting tired?
  3. Rb is in first season without nagelsmann and in semifinals of pokal and Europa league….without stars nagelsmann had like Werner, upamecano, sabitzer yes trophies is a sign because in top level sports that is what counts: winning bayern shown they can win bundesliga regardless of the coach for the last 10 seasons champion league requires different manager quality. nagelsmann took hoffenheim to champions league was that a success, yes because champions league means a touch more. Extra special. So for a club like Bayern to lose to Villarreal in quarterfinals that is a failure. Look how Liverpool handled it in first leg. Liverpool is a club on a different level than Bayern. Man city too and others and if this form of Bayern continues more clubs will surpass them to me nagelsmann has to still prove himself as a top level manager and I don’t like Bayern being his testing ground. We will agree to disagree
  4. Who brought upamecano into Bayern and sabitzer from redbull? Is there any one who worked there before? (Joking) so you would give nagelsmann 1 more year. What would be the term of success for him in the second year?
  5. Imagine red bull winning pokal this year for the first time and without nagelsmann. In fact nagelsmann was managing the favourites and went crashing out. redbull also in semis of Europa league…. so yes red bull has had potential to win trophies for a few seasons I recall nico kovac winning trophies at Bayern too. what happened to him? Pep got us to the semis you are 100% right. And Nagelsmann got us knocked out at quarters. Not to a favourite like Real Madrid or Liverpool or a star studded psg but to Villarreal. Do you admit that was an embarrassing loss? the winning goal was scored after a substitution brought a less than match fit ready Davies into the game. I’m not sure but were they still using a back 3 at that point? No pokal trophy or final, quarterfinal elimination in champions league do you agree that Bayern have taken steps backwards?
  6. Coaches worth has been pending his entire career. Nagelsmann has yet to win a tournament. Getting knocked out 5:0 in pokal this season and embarrassed in champions league by Villarreal. He was granted a championship proven squad. Only he is not proven champion.
  7. Nothing to get excited for next season. team is clearly below the top teams of Real Madrid man city Liverpool just to name 3. Winning champions league has become a dream rather than an expectation they have taken big step backwards losing 5:0 in pokal early on in the tournament losing to Villarreal in quarterfinals 2:1. is embarrassing for a top side like Bayern to lose to a 7th placed team over 2 legs
  8. Litmus test for Germany. new coach / younger players this is the trial run for the World Cup Don’t expect a perfect record but just want something respectable and not to be humiliated lol
  9. I know it only preseason but nagelsmann has work to do. Winless in all those games And what a surprise Coman has an injury! Davies out still too
  10. Germany u21 teams won 2 of the last 3 euro tournaments and yet the national team still struggles. typically there should be some correlation as the core of the 2009 winners went on for great things
  11. A league system containing 36 teams but clubs only play 10 other teams. how will this be determined and how will this be fair? comparing clubs based on their records against different opponents/schedules? Doesn’t seem right.
  12. Offensively the team can’t finish. Sane and Gnarby are not in form. We all know Werners form . combine that with the group Germany is in, makes it even more disastrous. (bright side only 4 games left with Löw in charge; 3 group matches and 1 friendly) So how bad will this euro tournament be: 2004 style? 2000 style? other option?
  13. Anyone know when the kit with 5 stars will be released?
  14. Trophies are not the end all? all love flick cuz how many trophies he’s won in such a short time. winning is what counts. As soon as Bayern was slipping in the standings, management made a coaching change. guess the players have to like the coach as well. But kinda that goes hand in hand with winning. When your winning things seem happier/better
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