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  1. The Käiser

    Bayern München Thread

    Are Bayern players made of glass? another long term injury.
  2. The Käiser

    Group B - Matchday 3 - Tuesday 22nd October, 2019

    Hope he keeps his form vs top tier European clubs. Usually he disappears
  3. The Käiser

    Germany National Team Discussion

    Who starts centre back with süle out?
  4. Imagine if messi was there....
  5. Germany caves the last 15-10 minutes. Netherlands scored multiple times late in games and Argentina tied it here game management is required for this team
  6. Are Juve players spending more time on the grass? and is the ref buying it each time? It seems to me
  7. Glad u r a follower of the bundesliga!! My u lot r touchy. Bitch when it's against you and claim total innocence otherwise 😉 That's football fans. Now that u are winning, u must get used to it
  8. Every dog has his day.
  9. A pk in last minute of injury time in a tied game, a red card; is there anything else you would like from the ref?
  10. Bayern not that lofty if Brighton can keep a clean sheet
  11. For me, a pk should be awarded for goal scoring opportunities only. Not if the fouled player is facing the opposite of goal. It reminds me when Robben got fouled vs Mexico in 2014 World Cup knockouts. It was late in the game and ended up as the game winner. No threat on goal but a pk awarded. Yah there were some theatrics in the dive too
  12. Cuz its against Liverpool, Those darling saints.
  13. Apologies. Bayern did lose 2 games v hoffenheim back in 2017. 1:0 in April 2017 and 2:0 in September 2017 Still a better recent bundesliga record vs Bayern than most.
  14. Liverpool catching breaks this season. Sheffield gk howler last time out and this last minute Pk today. Unrelated but somewhat , how come refs can end a game when a team concedes a corner kick? But a last minute pk, sure go ahead!