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  1. Frankfurt making noise domestic and now internationally. Hope they take this even further
  2. To me the Turkish ref always has games with huge talking points...due to the officiating
  3. Both var decisions go against city. For spurs handball call they just showed the ref the same angle over and over. There was a different angle showing it hit the arm. Any city fans in here to weigh in their thoughts?
  4. For a pivotal play (the no goal) they didn't show the replay much after the var decision .....
  5. The Käiser

    2019 Gold Cup Draw

    Saw the draw on YouTube and was disappointed. Looked like it was held in a school gym. also there was no "draw". Basically was a PowerPoint presentation telling everyone who is in which group. And surprisingly Mexico and USA are on opposite sides of the bracket. Then there was the embarrassment of getting all 4 coaches in each group on stage for a collective awkward interview. Why didn't they just follow the usual format?
  6. Umm most coaches/fans seem to forget the away goal rule. U don't think Liverpool will score 1 at Porto? (If not the refs will make sure) Someone said Liverpool has been lucky at both ends. It seems it is their year. The own goal late vs Tottenham and the deflection goal here...maybe it is this one was done and dusted at the time of the draw quite frankly
  7. De bryne (sp?) makes city a different side
  8. The Käiser

    (Euro 2020 Qualifiers) Group F - Matchday 1 & 2

    Malta off to the best start to a campaign ever. A win and a scrappy 2:0 loss to group favourites Spain (would expect 4:0 or more)
  9. The Käiser

    Netherlands 2-3 Germany - Sunday 24th March, 2019

    I think it helped that Neuer stayed in his goal instead of thinking he's a midfielder
  10. 7-0 man city was 1 game 😉 What is true is serie a clubs are spending cash on players ( like Ronaldo). Usually foreign investor cash. Bundesliga is keeping "to their roots ". Not much big spending or foreign investment. However that policy will see a dip in European competitions if not changed
  11. Funny how tournaments go. Liverpool lose 3 (including red star) and are in quarterfinals. Bayern lose 1 and are out Are there any undefeated teams remaining? Man city. Barcelona. Spurs only ones I can think of
  12. Lewi goes MIA in another big game. Let him leave. Along with Neuer, James and the rest of the old guard.
  13. Game over after that Neuer howler. I dislike how after the goal he turns at his teammates and starts yelling. Take a look in the mirror and own it. He is done. Not first howler he had this season. A bad foot or thumb doesn't or shouldn't equate to bad decisions the big surprise is that Bayern held a 0:0 in the first leg overall knew it was done soon as the draw was done. At least a Spanish team didn't knock them out this season
  14. The Käiser

    Germany National Team Discussion

    This. Löw has well over stayed his welcome. Should be gone after last summers disgrace