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  1. The Käiser

    Asian Cup 2019

    Fifa bringing the world together. Next stop...copa America!! (Oh yeah Qatar coincidentally are entered into that tournament too)
  2. The Käiser

    Asian Cup 2019

    They won their first ever Asian cup. Coincidentally before hosting next World Cup! How very coincidental. Fifa is not on the take
  3. The Käiser

    Asian Cup 2019

    Watch Qatar win the copa America too odd that the Nation with no footballing pedigree (which it was criticized for after being selected as WC host in 2022) is in the final of the continental cup (for the first time?) just ahead of hosting World Cup....funny how that works
  4. The Käiser

    Copa America 2019

    Keep copa America for South American countries. Got an idea for format: have a qualifying round of bottom 4 ranked teams. home and away style where the 2 winners qualify. Final tournament have 8 team. Top 2 go to semifinals knockout, etc this gives the bottom 4 more to play for and more competitive games
  5. The Käiser

    Copa America 2019

    Would u have picked Qatar over Australia 1 or 2 years ago?? Point is they are coming up and may do better than expected. Especially if FIFA wants the world to view Qatar as a soccer nation , which has been a complaint since Qatar was awarded host of the World Cup
  6. The Käiser

    Copa America 2019

    Qatar in semifinals of Asian cup. From obscurity to final four. Just in time for the 2022. World Cup. They may surprise in this .....FIFA will see to it 😉
  7. The Käiser

    Copa America 2019

    Brazil got the easy group. I'm sure no rigging was involved wonder if Qatar sudden rise will continue in this tournament
  8. The Käiser

    Serie A 2018/19 - 18^ Giornata [26/12]

    Why did the Atalanta defender knock out the ball for a Juve corner? It resulted in tying goal. Didnt look like it was going to be a corner but rather a goal kick
  9. Thought the champions league rejects get drawn against each other. Seems unfair that u win ur group and the. Face a team like inter then again I don't understand why champions league rejects cascade down to Europa league. Makes no sense at all
  10. This exactly. Guess will have to try the champions league next season....congrats Liverpool
  11. Didn't know it worked that way Thought that harry Kane made an appeal to get a goal credited to him rather than his teammate. Why wouldn't a hair pull also be appealed? when Suarez had his "teeth of God" moment it was not penalized on the pitch but afterwards
  12. Agreed. A credible fullback and keeper
  13. Leno has been suspect for some time. Falling out of favour of even the national team coach was kinda surprised that arsenal picked him up from bayer
  14. Added to the fact that fellainis hair (prior to the recent cut) resembled that of a clown. definite suspension would arsenal have to follow up on making that appeal or does the fa do that cuz it was blantantly shown on replays ?