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  1. Coach should be sacked. Why is Davies playing as left back?? total collapse. And then they wonder why there is no following for the national team when they lose to team whose country is still recovering from an devastating earthquake. I need to vent cuz this should not have happened. Heartbreaking. Disgusting. What halftime talk did the coach give? Not much of one.
  2. Canada blowing this. They avoid Costa Rica to lose to Haiti??? terrible result. Especially after being up 2:0 at halftime
  3. Think it's USA (holders) v Netherlands (euro champions) in the final. Do you rate their chances against the Americans?
  4. What's the new offside rule? does it affect other leagues/tournaments?
  5. Right winger for Dutch needs to be subbed
  6. Agreed. If they don't play for a draw it would foolish on both sides. Guaranteed semifinal berth is too sweet to chance. But that's what UEFA gets for using a crumby tournament format. Look at euro 2016: Portugal won it by winning just 1 game in regular time. Letting the best 3rd placed (or in this case 2nd placed) teams leads to this type of end besides the decision of the "best" 3rd placed team is relative at best. If a group has a "also ran" which everyone beats handily, that gives a huge advantage versus a group of death Obviously FIFA does not care about this as the 2026 World Cup will feature groups of 3!!!
  7. To this point: the question remains was the nations league a success and/or do you see this growing in stature moving forward? Secondary question: were these games at the highest quality as would be expected? Are players/Nations taking these seriously or a venue to try out new players and tactics ahead of Euros or World Cup tournaments? (England won and they simply turned to shake hands with Swiss players...hardly any real emotion after winning on pk as per usual....I realize it's a third place game but still)
  8. Easier to block than dribble pass
  9. The Käiser

    Group B Matchday 1

    China didn't throw it back after injury. No fair play. Or is that not a thing anymore
  10. Nations league semifinals and none are broadcast in Canada. Not sure about other countries but not a good way to market a new competiton. On another note, euro qualifying underway again this weekend but no games are broadcast here. Is Canada the only place locked out of all this soccer?
  11. Even Serie A clubs splash some coin around. Germany is thought to be an economic powerhouse and yet other countries with problems spend. I realize the owners in those countries are foreign, especially in England but something has to change for bundesliga clubs to be successful in Europe competitions.
  12. Apparently Bayern doesn't have the money bags as other clubs to spend on players. (Wonder what they do spend it on?)
  13. Quick free quicks and players doing a stutter step on approach of a pk are all legit too but I don't like them as they are sneaky and are unsportsmanlike to me. They attacking team already has the advantage of a free kick, pk or corner but also to take further advantage? is it that they think it's the only way for them to succeed? Fifa has a slogan of fair play....does it uphold that saying? (Only for teams they prefer) I've seen refs call back few kicks taken quickly that didn't result in a goal. But that play they let that particular one stand. Even though it had implications in who advances. The pk given in first minute today: 1) killed off the game for the neutral 2) threw out Tottenhams game plan right at start 3) continued beneficial refereeing towards Liverpool this season (ball hit his chest/shoulder area first) I expected Liverpool to win today but not in this fashion. 4:1 or 4:0 was in the cards but the refs bailed them out what would've happen if the ref kept the whistle in his pocket in the first minute is unknown. But I think it would've made for a better final.
  14. Ref ruined the game by granting that pk within first minute. Looked like it hit shoulder/chest. But refs have been giving Liverpool all the calls throughout. That sneaky corner vs Barcelona still is shady to me. Game was done at that point. And Liverpool didn't score afterwards till Tottenham had to press up late on. That liverpool were better than what they showed but maybe luck is all you need....
  15. Will he join this summer? should he join?