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Wasn’t sure where to put this...

Went to the Book of Mormon last night - very decent.

Have seen a few shows in the past, including, Aladdin last year and Lion King(In Japanese though).

Anyone a fan?

Considering seeing West Side Story at the Sydney Opera house next month. 

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I wouldn't say I'm a fan as such, but if I was offered to go to one, like in the past, then I'll consider it and try and enjoy it with whoever I'm going with. 

I've seen Lion King and Wicked in the last few years. Must admit that I went in to both of them not really knowing what to expect and came out of them totally blown away, Lion King especially. The production of both were superb. 

I've constantly heard rave reviews about Book of Mormon so would like to go and see that. 

Remember seeing a couple of Shakespeare plays when I was younger in school. 

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Also seen The Lion King and was blown away. Saw the West End cast perform it in Sunderland a few years back and was simply incredible. My only 'proper' West End visit was to Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and was amazed by that too. 

Really want to get to see some more theatre though. I love the feel and atmosphere of it.

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