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Claude Puel's agreed to take over there.

Wonder if French football is more suited to his slower, patient style.

Probably work out for him there and maybe he can help them recover from their terrible start. But could be a slow and laboured process...


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Fuck me that's a baptism of fire. I could actually see him winning that though.

He was one of the biggest conundrums I've ever seen in charge of us, but the truth is he wasn't good, when you've got players as mild mannered as King slating him publicly afterwards you realise there are some clear man-management issues with the bloke.

I actually think he's quite a clever bloke and is a good squad builder. I just think however he's got the charisma of a wet flanel and as previously stated is clearly lacking the man management. He wasn't popular here. He played a good part in constructing the squad we have now but he was never ever the man to get the best out of it. His football was insipid and lifeless.

I'm not one to call for 'move him upstairs' because it's a line used for people who want to sack the manager but haven't got the bollocks to say it, but I really do think Puel's skillset actually makes him a better director of football than manager.

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