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  1. Definitely, Griezmann is looking dangerous. He was heavily criticized in France this week for his performances with the national team. Perhaps he's playing with a chip on his shoulder to shut his critics up.
  2. To be fair to André Gomes, it's not his fault his coach decided to play him out of position. This is on Valverde. What was he thinking? It's a big match, why is he inventing stuff? Start Delofeu.
  3. Man, this is really good stuff. Great interview with Filipe Luis, quality questions and quality answers. Piqué, Messi, and much more, some of the best parts: @SirBalon @The Rebel CRS http://www.elmundo.es/deportes/futbol/2017/10/12/59de09d4ca47410f3e8b4580.html
  4. That's because you're small and irrelevant, Blake. 😂 Seriously though, I'd say Turkey was the darkhorse in 2002, South Korea was an abomination. Spain and Italy were totally robbed.
  5. Players you hate

    Xavi has a big mouth and unlike other players, he is never criticized for being such a whiner. Cicero gave some good examples.
  6. Players you hate

    Franck Ribéry Xavi
  7. And I think he might. I´ve mentioned this before, Argentina reminds me of Brazil in 2002. A talented team that struggled to qualify but could end up winning the World Cup. Sampaoli´s had a hard time and made some bad decisions, but Argentina was under huge pressure and he´s a great coach. With time to work with this team and to implement his ideas I believe Argentina will arrive much stronger in Russia. Brazil, on the other hand, looks poised to another major disapppointment. The results have been good but I´m not convinced by this team, the football played is not that impressive. The midfield composed by Casemiro, Renato Augusto and Paulinho is physically strong but lacks creativity and our forwards often themselves isolated. Unfortunately, I don´t see Tite making an effort to find alternatives. He seems set on those players and completely blind to alternatives. It won´t end well for us.
  8. Saw it on Twitter and I had to post it here.
  9. I never doubted Brazil would play it to win. Congrats for qualifying, Blake! I must admit, the World Cup wouldn´t be the same without our hermanitos.
  10. Are you in Lima? Great stuff by Peru. Congrats, I hope you beat New Zealand. (And you´re welcome for our help. )
  11. The Peru goal was unbelievable. It was an indirect free-kick. Had Ospina ignored it and let it in, it wouldn´be a goal, but he touched the ball.
  12. Over in Brazil, 3-0. Chile's last hope is in Lima.
  13. Richarlison should be called ahead of Firmino.