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  1. Copa Libertadores 2017

    Found a video of his highlights last night. It gives a good idea of his style. @SirBalon , great stuff. I didn´t know about the Villareal scout story.
  2. Copa Libertadores 2017

    Yes, he has a similar style. Barcelona is said to be scouting him.
  3. Copa Libertadores 2017

    I´m a huge fan. Arthur is really good, best midfielder in brazilian football. His passing, ball control, dribble and vision are just too much for south american football. Only 21 and leading his team to a Libertadores title. He will move to Europe soon, I agree.
  4. Yes. Mexico always makes it tough to us, specially since the Confederations Cup in 1999. Borgetti always scored against us. 😞
  5. Agree. It makes sense to merge the federations. Not now, because the logística are still complicated, but in 30-50 years certainly. Our teams would gladly welcome mexican pesos and american dollars. 😂
  6. Brazilian teams, the most important based in Southeastern, hate going to Mexico. They always complain about the trips. I mean, if Tijuana is in the competition, you basically are playing in San Diego. It's brutal. Imagine playing in Montevideo and 5 days later in Tijuana. Not nice at all.
  7. Problem is: the trips to Mexico are too long for Cono Sur nations. There is no way CONCACAF would accept it. Also, if you can't separate US and Mexico, you'd be killing a nice rivalry.
  8. Televisa is a media giant and mexican-americans in the english football media also help to amplify their reach. Mexico is a strong nation and a regional leader. Many don't realize it because of their proximity with US, but Mexico is an important country, and it is also true in football. When you see a guy like Gignac, who had a market in Europe, going to Tigres, you gotta realize they have money and power. If anything, they're kind of underachievers.
  9. Agree with you. Mexico is a power to be respected in world football. I'd put them in the same bracket of Nigeria, above Peru. They have a decent NT, always qualify, Olympic title, U-17 World title, teams like América, one of the most iconic stadiums like Azteca, well-known players such as Blanco and Hugo Sánchez.
  10. @SirBalon , I'm curious. Do you think Spain can be put in the same bracket of Germany, Brazil, Argentina, etc, in terms of football tradition?
  11. Anti-World Cup 2018

    If the yankees win it, they will probably call themselves "world champions".
  12. David Neres, perhaps. Unfortunately, Tite must find all the ways and excuses to play his Corinthians friend Renato Augusto.
  13. Gotta think about it, but from the top of my mind 1982. Cerezo, Falcão, Zico, Sócrates. Anyway, we have several options to make our midfield. I'm a huge Arthur fan, that kid is a really good player. Allan and Fabinho are good names as well.
  14. He's what we call a "paneleiro". He only calls his friends. This will be his downfall.
  15. Nah, Brazil's overrated. We're not that good once you sit deep and block our counters. Casemiro, Renato Augusto and Paulinho form a very stiff midfield. Zero creativity.