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  1. rattled is below the red goal and above the orange going. Cunt is below the white get and to the left of the orange best
  2. I actually thought United gave it a better go than I thought they would. City were the better team on the night but other than the 20 or 25 minutes before City scored there wasn't much in it. Possession, and shots on goal were pretty even the rest of the time , De Gea only really made one great save on KDB, Lukaku gifted them two goals and missed a chance to get the draw. Without the defensive mistakes it could have ended nil nil. Personally, without Pogba, I was expecting a lot worse. That being said with City now 11 points clear, the title race is over.
  3. United's defence at times look like chickens with heads cut off. Too many times City players are finding themselves unmarked in the box. Thankfully City's defence is just as bad. Great finish by Rashford.😊
  4. I think you would have already activated it if you did.
  5. I completely agree with both statements.
  6. Chelsea Discussion

    I dont think it is that big of a deal that Chelsea finished second in the group. Sure you could draw PSG or Barcelona, but if you had finished first you could have gotten Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern Munich. Maybe the second leg at home is an advantage, but not much. I agree about Bale too much of a liability with his injury record. Maybe for about half what Real would want. You would get about half a season out of him and he would be enough of an asset marketing wise to recuperate the transfer fee. I also see a possible assest strip at Spurs if Levy refuses to increase their wage bill. Hard to see their players wanting to remain there if they can double and triple their wages elsewhere.
  7. Sometimes I really hate this game. Captained Hazard he starts on the bench, my vice captain Sane is not even in the line up.
  8. Cracker of a free kick by Young. Two nicer goals by him today.
  9. Chelsea Discussion

    Conte's argument is a valid one but an old one. The FA has never supported English clubs in Europe. It goes back to the beginning of European competitions in the mid 50's. Chelsea won the league in 55 and were not allowed to play in the European cup. I have often wondered if United would have tried to get off that runway a third time at Munich if they didn't have to get back to play Wolves two days later on the 8th of February. If they had stayed over night in Munich they wouldn't have got back to England til the 7th and I believe, but I am not 100% sure that they would have had to forfeit the game against Wolves because they did not get back to England 48 hours before kickoff. Other European leagues bend over backwards to help their teams. Hard to imagine that Real or Bayern would have to face a tough domestic rival two days after getting home after playing an European game as Chelsea has to do this weekend. It has been 60 years, it time for the English FA to do something to help English clubs in Europe.
  10. No doubt Pogba makes a difference, United are a better team when he is playing, but they looked vulnerable defensively in the first half. Newcastle could have had a couple more goals and a better team will punish them if they dont play better at the back than they did in the first half.
  11. Isn't the rule about denying a goal scoring opportunity and not the last man back? Vardy looked to be through and in on goal and I doubt Stones would have caught him. ( I did not see Walker in the picture). Stones looked practically level with the play though, and I wonder if he got the benefit of the doubt from the ref in catching Vardy? Kind of a situation where a yellow is not enough and a red card is too much, but than there is no orange card.
  12. I just can't see it happened. No way a top club takes the chance on somebody without a long history of sucess. They would first have to win something with one of the smaller clubs, get into Europe and win the Europa league and a possibly pull off a top four finish. They may have to go abroad and win a title.
  13. That the beauty of belonging to a forum where everyone supports different teams. If you just what positive comments stick to the United equalivant of RAWK or Blue moon. A lot of the Chelsea fans are bitter about Mourinho and that colours anything he is connected to. You have to expect that in away, Mourinho's last year at Chelsea was a disaster. As for TB, judging by the quality of his posts, I suspect he is about 12 years old and with the time difference is usually in bed by the time I am on here, at least on a school night. As for Pogba, now he is back from injury, hopefully we will have the last laugh. I think he makes United tick, everything goes through him and United have missed him a great deal. Performances should be better than the last 6 weeks or so.
  14. Looks like you and Teso both have jobs as publicity agents for their perspective clubs. I don't know about anyone else but I have no interest in seeing jingolistic press accounts from football clubs reposted here. I am more interested in reading your opinion about football, even if I disagree with it.
  15. Just got home from work and did not see the game, so can't really say anything other than a great result beating a top team like Spurs.