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  1. Burnley Discussion

    Fishing attempts are improving across the Board
  2. Best Football Songs

    Celtic are excellent in fairness to them
  3. He's just as weird and Scottish though - it's enough for me.
  4. Yes - I voted for myself. I was the standout candidate from the list
  5. Celtic Park a much better option for the Scottish national team?
  6. How on earth is Weird World Inverted winning Group D
  7. Week 17 Fixtures

    Tuesday 12th DecemberBurnley 2-0 Stoke (19:45)Crystal Palace 2-1 Watford (20:00) Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea (20:00) Wednesday 13th DecemberNewcastle 1-2 Everton (19:45)Southampton 1-1 Leicester (19:45)Swansea 0-4 Man City (19:45)Liverpool 3-0 West Brom (20:00)Man United 2-0 Bournemouth (20:00)Tottenham 3-0 Brighton (20:00)West Ham 0-2 Arsenal (20:00)
  8. Rando, nudge, Cicero, Teso, Storts
  9. Week 16 Fixtures

    Saturday 9th DecemberWest Ham 0-2 Chelsea (12:30)Burnley 1-1 WatfordCrystal Palace 2-1 BournemouthHuddersfield 0-1 BrightonSwansea 0-2 West BromTottenham 1-1 StokeNewcastle 0-2 Leicester (17:30) Sunday 10th DecemberSouthampton 1-4 Arsenal (12:00)Liverpool 3-0 Everton (14:15) Man United 0-2 Man City (16:30)
  10. Christmas

    Hated Christmas away - did it once, never again. Being in the Florida Keys just didn't cut it.
  11. FA Cup 2017/18 - Third Round Draw

    Lovely double nibble there my friend
  12. Christmas

    Cheers mate - that comment deserved more than just one like, but it's worth at least 10 coming from you x
  13. Final should be Goodison vs Villa Park (RIP White Hart Lane) now although Harvey has rigged it. Voted Goodison because it's more enclosed and on top of the pitch - both excellent away days though.