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  1. He doesn't want his Farewell Tour to end in these circumstances.
  2. Liverpool must be the worst team to still be in the title race at this point of the season.
  3. The trick was to bring him and three Palace attackers in on free hit this week.
  4. To be fair, the clubs that have pushed the limits of the restrictions have created this 'sad' new football. Clubs like ourselves shouldn't be at a sporting disadvantage for abiding to the restrictions set.
  5. Sadly, whoever wins now will have an asterisk next to it.
  6. Surprised by that. The more I read about Almiron, the more I think his preferential 3-4-3 press would suit the team.
  7. All this masks over the rest of the job the owners are doing at the moment. Good opportunity to hide behind this nonsense.
  8. Yeah Newcastle are a good shout. You could see our centre backs and two creative players having a positive impact there. Not that i can see us selling more than two in one window. I'm not sure what there FFP situation is like though. I do think, that had we signed two creative players last summer, we could have competed for a top half finish this season. We've dropped so many points in the last 20 minutes by trying to be regimented and then having no creative outlets to give the ball to.
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