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  1. Bought a new Gaming PC to entertain me during Covid times. Now all I play is Football Manager and Chess. 

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      I really do want to play Red Dead Redemption, but I think it's still pretty expensive. The 8$ thing you say was probably the online thingy. I do love the old west though, one of the main reasons I want to play it. There's videos on youtube where someone just follows the NPC's, and it's pretty cool to see how much detail they put into the game. 


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      Viva la FCB

      Ah okay that would make more sense. I know for console its been on sale for around 30$ cad pretty regularly keep an eye on it for steam summer sales maybe. Ill check out your video on my break but that sounds cool. Honestly the details they put into the game make it second to none, on my second playthrough albeit Im only about 6 or 8 hours into this one I found a side story about a serial killer that was absolutely insane; I stumbled accross a blood trail above a train track and followed it underneath to find a dismembered body hanging from the tressels.... guts on the ground some creepy ass message written on the stone wall beside it and I found the head a foot away with a note shoved in the mouth daring you to catch him xD im all just looking at this like wtf.. I took many screen shots......

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      RDR2 meanders from mind blowing to a chore.

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