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  1. TAD is now the winner, as Stan was rattled enough by him calling him ugly to ban him ahahahahaha

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    2. football forum


      @Devil-Dick Willie nah it was more personal than just 'ugly'. He's made it personal for a whole. Ironic considering he said 'don't get personal' to @IgnisExcubitor in a debate. His comment on Saturday overstepped the mark. No reason to involve my missus either. Also 'Would have respected stan more if he played it cool or returned fire. ' As staff it's hardly mature to return fire and let the argument carry on. I wasn't prepared to get in a slanging match with him. He's not worth it. Other staff members have been criticised for doing exactly that in the past so can't win either way. I couldn't give a shit if he called me ugly. It's the fact he's made things personal for ages and did so again Saturday but with far more anger. All because of a preference of choice in football? Like literally everyone who is a fan of football has. Bizarre.  

    3. football forum


      To be honest, he was the one who kept getting personal and kept throwing labels at me. 

      But also to be fair to him, he apologised for that to me.

      On a side note, I had nothing to do with this.

    4. football forum


      @IgnisExcubitor What happened?, link us, mate.