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  1. I love your enthusiasm, @Danny. Great review, and sounds like a lovely place... Upload some pics to imgur and then post the link here!
  2. Why is it in the vegetarian and vegans thread?
  3. This is the most important thing about today and the whole season
  4. nudge


    Looks very delicious!!!
  5. nudge


    No idea, I would never put something like that anywhere near my coffee...
  6. nudge


    Yeah, the "Costa Coffee" kind of gave it away
  7. Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? LEC Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. VER 2. LEC 3. ALO Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Valtteri Bottas. P13 Bonus Question - This time we want to pick the highest qualifier out of the slowest five teams. Which driver from McLaren, Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas or Williams will be fastest in qualifying? NOR
  8. Video is not my preferred medium for educational/hobby stuff, but I still have a few channels I follow in YouTube... My favourite ones at the moment are probably melodysheep, Isaac Arthur, AI Explained, Two Minute Papers, and Primitive Technology.
  9. nudge

    Off Topic

    I knew it!!!
  10. nudge

    Off Topic

    Yeah, you go easy on those muffins, John!
  11. Are you on your way to the Moon or something
  12. Yeah, most of Nate's character development this season appears to have happened behind the scenes. There were definitely signs and subtle hints about him having doubts, but the resolution felt a bit rushed for sure.
  13. Zava's avocado farming adventures. A Cheers-like spinoff of Mae and the three idiots at the pub. Roy and Jamie running a football school. In all seriousness though, I think they have kind of been setting up for a spinoff considering how peripheral Ted has been in both season 2 and 3... Call the new show FC Richmond and continue in the same vein, just without Ted.
  14. A spinoff of Rebecca and the Amsterdam boat guy
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