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Pepe Reina To Sign For Aston Villa

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Love Pepe Reina - although the season before he left us, he did have a pretty significant dip in form. He hasn't played very much since joining AC Milan either. But he's a solid and experienced keeper, for the most part (or at least he was with Napoli) - and his experience and ability to organise will be useful in Heaton's absence.

Another thing about Reina is that he's always been a popular figure in every dressing room he's ever been a part of - he's got a lot of character. Might be good to have him around for morale while in a slog to avoid relegation.

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2 hours ago, Fairy In Boots said:

Loan for 6 months with an option to buy 

I'm guessing he can't play in the 2nd leg as he's not registered for the first leg?

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