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Leicester Owners To Buy Belgian Club - Nigel Pearson Announced as Manager

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not sure how I feel about this. will probably just be another project for them whereby loan deals are involved and maybe friendlies. 

will be interesting to see how the partnership goes, if it does indeed become a partnership. 


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Think it's going to be more like United with Royal Antwerp and Arsenal with Beveren than Charlton and Leige, if I'm honest. 

It probably opens the door for them to get talented youngsters from across the globe who maybe can't get visas in the UK into Europe, whilst learning the game the Belgian way, which is a more technical brand of Football, which will be good for them.

It probably also allows them to pick up young talent from Belgium, Holland, Germany and Northern France quite easily, whilst still being relatively local to these kids' hometowns and Leicester can sign any that progress to a certain level. 

If I was a multi billionaire Premier League or top-end Championship Football Club owner I'd definitely look into doing the same as facilities in Belgium for example, are very good with many plastic pitches out there, all coaches are forced to coach in a certain style and youth games are focused on the technical aspect of the game, not winning. 

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If they are buying them it is a disgrace. Leuven will have to be kept down in the second tier because if they get promoted there's a danger of both qualifying for Europe and one being banned for it.

It should just be outright banned to own a stake in 2 UEFA registered clubs.

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