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Good news for Darmstadt. Sobiech is a very solid signing for a 2. Buli team, robust and physically strong, I think he fits into Darmstadt's playing style well and should score quite a few goals if he stays fit. Although I think you already have quite a few options upfront, don't you?

As I mentioned in another thread before, it looks like Darmstadt are building a strong team and they might be even challenging for promotion upcoming season. Frings is doing a good job keeping most of the key players and making quite a few solid additions to the squad; I will follow your progress with great interest for sure!

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So far we've loaned Marcel Franke from Norwich with an option to buy and signed Sebastian Hertner on a free from Aue. Maclaren has lost all standing that he had in the club after outright lying about us in an interview with a scottish paper. We're trying to load off some players, most prominently Artur Sobiech, Von Haacke and Lacazette. Exciting but nervous few weeks ahead of us now. Fortunately, we have Schuster!

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14 minutes ago, Rucksackfranzose said:

You're sure it isn't rather an ultimate  declaration of war?:ph34r: Haven't followed him how good is Goller, genuine question?

Definitely has potential, and improved reasonably during his loan at Karlsruhe, but needs regular playing time to develop further. He's quite fast and a decent dribbler, passes the ball well, but is not that great at finishing. His biggest disadvantage is his lack of physical robustness, in my opinion. I would have liked him as a backup in the squad, but frankly, he needs to play and not sit on the bench... 

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