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La Liga - Week 11 Fixtures - 3-5th November 2017

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Friday 3rd November, 2017
Real Betis vs Getafe

Saturday 4th November, 2017
Valencia vs Leganes, 12.00
Deportivo La Coruna vs Atletico Madrid, 15.15
Alaves vs Espanyol, 17.30
Barcelona vs Sevilla, 19.45

Sunday 5th November, 2017
Levante vs Girona, 11.00
Celta Vigo vs Athletic Bilbao, 15.15
Real Sociedad vs Eibar, 17.30
Villarreal vs Malaga, 17.30
Real Madrid vs Las Palmas, 19.45


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Messi plays against his favourite team where scoring goals is concerned... I don't know the stats but I do know it's the club he's scored the most against.  But Sevilla have turned a mini corner in the past two weeks and are winning again.  They're not being spectacular and are actually being very rugged and hard to break down with a high pressing game...  Everything Barça hates to play against which means that if it doesn't start well, then it can be a very sticky game indeed.  Don't be surprised if this ends up being a draw or a "shock" defeat!  On the other hand Barça under Valverde have become a side that doesn't need to play well to get a result so far this season.

Real Madrid entertain UD Las Palmas...  They (Real) have been terrible at home this season, even when they've won.  Las Palmas on the other hand have been dismal since Quíque Setién departed for Real Betis.  This is a real interesting game considering Real Madrid are in a crisis!  Dropping points and Barcelona winning will bury them into something that will be difficult to get out of because Spanish football is media volatile and Madrid based journalists will finally get their knives out and use them...  Until now they've been busy sharpening them and only testing how sharp they are.

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Very important 3 points for Barça against Sevilla. Should’ve been sorted in the first half but once again too many missed chances. In the second period Barcelona thought they could see the game out and Sevilla’s first opportunity which came from a corner ended up whth the equaliser.

Still... Alcácer doing what he does best by scoring goals and luckily he scored a wonderful poacher’s goal to win the game. 

Another thing is sorting out Luis Suárez’ form. He was absolutely terrible today and even though he had chances, his decision making was always wrong.

3 very important points that puts even more pressure on Real Madrid. 

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football forum

Goals and highlights for anyone that didn't see tonight's game. 

I'm made up for Paco who won the game for Barcelona with his brace, given the fact that Luis Suarez is struggling (and was terrible again tonight) it's nice for Valverde to have a second option off the bench in the form of Alcacer and he's given the manager a lot to think about for the weeks ahead. 

It's great that the winning run is still going as this is a very tricky period for Barca, the game against Leganes next week should be convincing but things are not always straight-forward in this part of Madrid. They might have been beaten 3-0 by Valencia this week but they won't roll over to Ernesto's men. Once that battle is over it's on to Juventus and Valencia who are both going to be tricky customers so if the run can continue through games like this I'll be very impressed.


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1 hour ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

guess he had a bad day.

What a game by Guido Pizarro, he was class for Lanus and especially for Tigres and now he shows he can do it against the top teams. Even managed to score a goal even though it wasnt enough.

That tatted up clown should give Pizarro and Rodriguez (club America) a chance to go to the WC. 


Messi did have a bad day, probably his quietest game of the season so far.

Pizarro's goal was absolutely class!  If I've ever seen a headed goal that could be accompanied by classical music, it was this one.  That was practically Sevilla's only chance the whole game and Piqué's mistake as he was watching him all the way on that corner and decided to react when it was too late.  Doesn't take anything away from the goal though.

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4 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Like i said, he is a hell of a midfielder. 

check this goal out @SirBalon



Fantastic piece of technical skill to score that goal but what I like most about it was the team play.  That's the type of football I enjoy which is dominant and with an emphasis on searching for a measured opening.

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