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TF365 Quiz League - Congratulations to the Champion...

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Unfortunately, I'm unable to do my usual write up as my home laptop is acting up and the records, results to date and tables are all on a spreadsheet on that computer. However, as I luckily posted the pre-final round points tallies for our three title contenders in the thread for Round 20, I can reveal the order in which they finished...





3rd Place: @Storts. An impressive effort from TF365's resident Spurs fan, who despite missing one of the earliest rounds, went into the last quiz just three points off the top of the table. Despite playing down his score in the last round, Starts finished with a strong score of 9 out of 10, taking him to a grand total of 159 points. Storts will surely feel that he is the favourite for the crown next season, having come so close with a one round deficit, and comfortably topping the Average Standings this time around.





2nd Place: @Stan. Stan has been nipping at the heels of his closest rival for the majority of the season, and moved within one point of top spot going into the final round. The first to submit his responses to the last quiz, Stan put himself in a strong position by scoring an impressive 9 out of 10 and posting an impressive total of 161 points, but results elsewhere didn't go his way, and he has to settle for a lower step on the TF365 Quiz League podium.





1st Place: @Lucas. Like his beloved Leeds United, Lucas made a storming start to the Quiz League, and has led from the front since a very early stage. Unlike his beloved Leeds United, Lucas was able to maintain his form throughout the season, up to the last day where he scored another 9 out of 10, ending up with a grand total of 162 points from a possible 200. A huge congratulations to Lucas who held his nerve to secure the inaugural TF365 Quiz League championship with a success rate just 0.5% better than his closest rival.





So there you have it, after all that, all three contenders scored 9 out of 10 in the last round and Lucas holds onto top spot. A big thanks to everyone who has taken part, especially the enthusiasm that was shown in the early rounds when I was managing to get these up more like twice a week. The Quiz League will return for a second season at a later date - how much later this is depends on the grim reality of the daily grind - and for those who haven't already seen, the plan is to have all twenty quizzes written ahead of the new season so that next time we can keep the momentum and enthusiasm at a higher level.


The full table and the average table will be posted here in a while so everyone else can see where they ended up.

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Absolutely loved taking part in this @RandoEFC. Great competition and congratulations to the eventual winner @Lucas. Only so much I could do in chasing you but a worthy winner!

Looking forward to the next edition already. Appreciate the hard work that goes in to running something like this!

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Very surprised to win, I had a lot of self doubt in that last round and really thought I'd done worse than I had. It was like being back in School and thinking you'd fucked the exam only to later find out you passed. Sweet.

Credit to @Stan and @Storts for pushing me all the way in this and a big thanks to @RandoEFC for running this in his busy schedule. 

Well done to all who took part and hopefully more people get involved next time.

Also, have to say that the whole premise of this competition which Rando stressed, was based on everyone being honest and not cheating themselves on Google or whatever, and it looks like everyone kept to that so nice one.

We may have a smaller community than other online forums but clearly we have a very honourable one.

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