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FIFA Charge Russia With Fan Racism

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FIFA has charged World Cup hosts Russia with fan racism less than two months before the tournament begins.

Monkey chants were aimed at black French players, including Paul Pogba and Ousmane Dembele, during France's 3-1 friendly win over Russia in St. Petersburg last month.

After collecting evidence of the abuse, FIFA says "disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the Russian Football Union for this incident."

Russia was previously charged with racist behaviour by its fans at the last two European Championships.

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FIFA has fined the Russian soccer federation £22,000 for discriminatory chanting by fans during a game in Saint Petersburg against France.

Monkey chants were aimed at players, including Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, during France's 3-1 win over the upcoming World Cup hosts on March 27.

FIFA says a disciplinary panel noted "the gravity of the incident but also the limited number of fans involved".

According to FIFA, the panel, chaired by judge Anin Yeboah of Ghana, made a "thorough investigation, including the review of video evidence".

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  • Administrator

a fine will do fuck all.

Ban the fans or (if repeated offences/other fans continue) - play games behind closed doors. 

Monetary punishments for an association that size are a mere drop in the ocean I'd imagine.

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  • Administrator
Just now, Marc said:

England got fined more for poppy gate xD

Marc Albrighton got charged £3k more for reacting to a red card a bit too angrily xDxD 

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