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Bobby Robson - More Than A Manager Film/Documentary

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I have to see this!  Sir Bobby Robson is for me one of the people in football I have most respected ever.  Underrated and in my opinion never given the respect he deserved in life.  But then again these sorts of things do happen to the best quite a bit.

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I’ll never forget Norwich 1-7 Colchester for obviously the result, but also a few days prior Sir Bobby passed away. The two clubs that hate Ipswich the most both joined in for a rendition of ‘There’s only 1 Bobby Robson’ at the start of the match. An Ipswich legend getting that kind of response. He was special.

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Anyone who doesn't have massive respect for Bobby Robson is either a fucking idiot... or someone who simply just doesn't give a fuck about football (which is more forgivable). I'll definitely be watching this when it's out.

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