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Some people are going to call me an idiot for starting this thread, and I'm gonna get abused. If that's the case, so be it.

Who would win in an football game between Marvel and DC? 5 a-side


My 2 cents, DC all day. Batman as the manager and the strategist, Superman as the midfielder that makes everything happen, Flash as the winger, Slipknot as the forward, Captain Boomerang as the other winger. Green Lantern as the final player

Marvel has Iron Man in net, Spiderman defending with his webs, Thor in midfield, Hulk up front and Human Touch also at the back. Captain America as the manager, 


I think just having Superman makes DC win.

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Actually, thinking about it I think Doctor Strange is a better choice to go in net than Iron Man. He can just make shots disappear.

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