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What effect does England’s World Cup performance have on English Football?

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Interested to see what, if anything, changes after England’s World Cup performance. 

Frankly, I hope Greg Dyke is rocking backwards and forwards in a mental home bemoaning the fact some of these English lads have had spells at teams like Alfreton Town, MK Dons, Fleetwood Town, Leyton Orient, Carlisle United and Harrow Borough and that his ‘B’ Teams in the Football League idea gets put to bed. 

I wonder if anything will filter down to grassroots football and more 3/4G surfaces are laid in England. 

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It shows we have to bring our own players through. They are good enough if given the chance. It also shows St George's park is working. We have done incredibly well at youth level. It also shows that's it not all about talent. It's about team bond playing together. Your name doesn't matter if you aren't gonna pass the ball to your club rival when playing for England then fuck of home and someone will come in who will.

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Normally in any sport when a team achieves the extraordinary against the expectations (by really upsetting the odds not by mostly luck ) than it founds the bases for an upcoming generation that will be extraordinary.

Us winning the 1992 World Cup  despite being nearly out but than defeated all the big guns to win it all, this event inspired our generation of 1999 the best team of the tournament in that year.


If England win it this year than i would say they might be the favorites to win it 2026 or 2030.    

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Whats the effect of a nation finally having belief in their national side? 

How does that play through, change the expectations of the people, and the thought processes of the clubs with regard to English players in the top two divisions?

I'd say the badge of honor to be the club with the most national team heroes will even more desirable than before. And it links in well with the desire of clubs to find hometown players who've cone through youth systems and gone on to great careers like Gerrard etc.

So will translate to more youth development and more belief in that talent when it comes to recruiting and in turn will feed future success of the national team.

I think you'll see the homegrown percentage of player's in the EPL go up over the next five years. 

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The loan system definitely works and Pickford and Kane especially are testament to that system. 

It also shows the true value of the lower leagues due to that loan system and also the amount of players who’ve come through at lower league clubs in Maguire, Alli, Vardy and Pope. 

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