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Barrry Chuckle of the Chuckle Brothers dies at 73

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7 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

An absolute hero is Barry Chuckle. To many watching ChuckleVision, they would be left scratching their heads as to how it ever got on TV but to the generation that grew up with it, the show was so much more. 

So many fond memories of finishing primary school, heading over to my grandparents and sitting on the living room carpet watching ChuckleVision. 

Absolutely gutted in truth, a true comedy duo has ended.

I'm not even shocked about it given his age but it's just that part of childhood nostalgia is kind of gone knowing that he's passed away. I was the same as you - get home from school, whack the TV on right on time they'd be on the screens and I'd be in fits of laughter. 

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14 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

Barry Chuckle was definitely a massive nonce. I’m not having that he wasn’t part of the BBC nonce gang back in the day.

They were just a couple of old fashioned childrens entertainers the like of which you will probably never see around again... 'To me, To you' is forever ingrained in my head... I say it to our Leelah when I have to get the ladders out and she likes to help... 


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