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Ragnar Klavan Joins Cagliari

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1 hour ago, Cannabis said:

Isn't Klavan really, really shite?

No. He's had a few wonky games, but largely been very good. Probably not consistent enough to be a regular starter at our level, but good enough for mid-table or below I'd say. Good depth for us, but not someone I'd want us starting week in and week out. Certainly good enough for Cagliari's scrap at the bottom of the Serie A.

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5 minutes ago, Burning Gold said:

I think Klavan had fallen to 6th in the centre half pecking order behind VVD, Matip, Gomez, Lovren, and Nat Phillips. I can see the logic in selling him if that's the case, although for the sake of £2m, I'd have preferred us to keep him around.

Yeah I think Nat Phillips impressed Klopp quite a bit, which led to Klavan falling in the pecking order. Honestly, Matip is made of glass, Gomez has had 2 very bad injuries, and Lovren's got his own little injury issues... so I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I'd rather have sold Matip tbh.

Done deal btw: https://www.cagliaricalcio.com/news/ultimissime/17718/ragnar-klavan-al-cagliari

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