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New Camp Nou & Espai Barça - Work Commences

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So the work has gotten underway with the future of the Camp Nou and the Espai Barça which will se the club enter the 21st century and beyond with all of their facilities from spectator enjoyment, tourist attraction and obviously the most futuristic technology available and beyond for the footballers and all of Barcelona's other multitude of sports like basketball for example where the club are one of the best in the world.

It all begins with the Barcelona 'B' team stadium where the Mini Estadi is being knocked down to build the new Estadi Johan Cruyff and all the other facilities all the way to infant level at La Masia. The work is already underway in the building of the stadium...



Then we have the Espai Barça (Barça Space) which is two select parts of the city of Barcelona especially all that which surrounds the Camp Nou being turned into an FC Barcelona World.  No club has ever dedicated so many metres squared to itself renovating and reforming a decent chunk of a city.



Finally, here we have the spectacular videos released yesterday by the club showing the process of the Estadi Johan Cruyff, Espai Barça and obviously the New Camp Nou which will have its capacity raised from almost 99,000 to over 105,000 plus all the modern technology put in place with an interactive roof that will cover the whole football arena.



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2 hours ago, ScoRoss said:

With a loan for €1.5 billion secured, the project looks to have the go ahead.

Barcelona will likely play at the city's Olympic Stadium, previously home of Espanyol, whilst work in underway at the Camp Nou.

Quite funny they didn’t show the Tottenham stadium on ‘new stadiums’, even snuck City’s ground in there. xD

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