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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Anyone seen it?

I loved the first Guardians, thought I'd never seen a film like it and was easily my favourite Marvel film and tbh one of my favourite of all time.

Was apprehensive for the second as I thought it'd be a let down but it just carried on from the first. Absolutely class, funny, entertaining storyline, some character developments. Top notch. The series is easily the best sci-fi I've seen in years.

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I find both films to easily be among the most enjoyable action blockbusters of lately (along Mad Max Fury Road). The main villain in the vol. 2 gives a lot more room to comedy than Ronan. I see no reason at all for vol. 2 to be worse than vol. 1 either. It is arguably better.

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Wow. I'd heard of this and just put it in the basket of another marvel spinoff series too many.... saturation etc.

I'm shocked you guys are all rating it so highly. Will need to check it out. 

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