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  1. Burnley Discussion

    Fantastic achievement because they have done it whilst being absolute shite. Respect. Most of us lose when we play as shit as they do, but they win. They must be doing something right that the rest of us at the bottom aren't.
  2. I had Tom Cleverley -1 point
  3. Another 1-0 for Burnley Would love to see them play Barcelona in the Champions League next season
  4. 2017 Member Of The Year Award Poll (Group Stages)

    Weird World hated Liverpool probably more than any club
  5. Hang on. They've given Bakayoko 5pts when it is a clear own goal and not his goal.
  6. Conte dressed like Tony Pulis.
  7. The Stoke team is shocking
  8. Isn't that @Bluebird Hewitt when Cardiff pulled a goal back last night
  9. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    I've never seen it, I just put it up because it was on the list I googled. Disappointed at the lack of loving for Arthur Christmas and the Polar Express. You are not supposed to grow up around Christmas time you idiots
  10. Should be a straight forward win for Everton. Rafa doesn't care anymore so neither do I. Just going to this game because the Premier League told us to.
  11. Off Topic

    Got Milk
  12. 2017 Member Of The Year Award Poll (Group Stages)

    All is not lost. Those who don't automatically qualify for the next stage drop out into another poll called "2nd rate Member of the Year"
  13. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    It makes you wonder what the Roman's really looked like