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  1. I would always fancy the top team or two in the Championship over the bottom few in the Premier League because they have confidence and a winning mentality.
  2. Harvsky

    FA Cup 5th Round Draw

  3. A joke from us Close to full strength
  4. Harvsky

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Yeah but we've got Lemsip cold and flu capsules
  5. Harvsky

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Chinese government are building a 1000 bed hospital in just 6 days.
  6. Harvsky

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    All I can say is wash your hands twice for the next fortnight
  7. Done and dusted. Inter Milan too slow on paperwork though so he can't play tomorrow.
  8. Big crowd expected for our game. Excitement of potentially getting to the 5th round for the first time since Andy Carroll was a 16 year old Imagine if we fuck this up man.
  9. Harvsky

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Is this outbreak linked to China banning Norton anti-virus software?
  10. Harvsky

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Many in China travel around the country for New Year to meet up with family. It's a busy travelling time. This could escalate across the country and be out of control fast.
  11. He was Blackpool beach to Harry's Bournemouth beach.
  12. Allardyce's early days were very different to Burnley. They were more like Pulis' Stoke. By the end at Bolton with Anelka they played a bit better. Allardyce was also more about wheeling and dealing, agent bungs, cheap foreign players, big wages and massive squad size/turnover.
  13. Harvsky

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    That is actually what the trade union leader said. What the company said was that it is due to efficiency savings to cope with rising global demand for their product.
  14. Should debut against Oxford on Saturday in the FA Cup