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  1. Could have had more as well. Krafth and Schar particularly poor at the back. The only hope for Joelinton who had a stinker is that some players we know are good had stinkers as well. Bruce now has to ditch this formation and we need to go back to Rafa's approach. Though that likely won't work either without Rondon.
  2. Harvsky

    The Student Loan Crisis

    1-2% tax for the rest of your life to go on a 3 year bender. You need 4-15% tax to do it again when you are in your late 60s
  3. Our fitness coach left with Rafa and wasn't replaced. Charnley said the gym is well equipped
  4. Really really worrying from us. Tactically not working again in defence or attack and it has subsequently led to the worst body language and mentality we've had since our last relegation. I'm really quite shocked how quickly that has happened this season. They stopped running at 2-0. We haven't conceded 3 away goals to a side outside of the top sides since our return to the Premier League. Players still off the pace. Some of the blame for that has to go on dipshit Charnley who knew in May we needed a new manager and didn't appoint one until 3 and a half weeks before the season.
  5. Chasing shadows here. Defensively poor and disorganised. Out of our depth Chances to be had though so let's see what Bruce can do at half time.
  6. Those first few games after the drop are the hardest. You've got to find your confidence again and build momentum. It's rare to just turn up and smash it from the off.
  7. This game will likely tell us a lot about this season ahead.
  8. The 2nd team would not get 85+ points. They'd be about Man Utd's level
  9. Their B team would be high up but they wouldn't win the title. Plenty of flaws in a 2nd 11.
  10. In almost every season of my life it has been 2-3 teams only anyway. I'm inclined to think it's natural. I don't recall many seasons if any where 4th-6th place was actually competing with 1st. If they were it was because no one was great. We aren't going to suddenly get 6 teams who could get 85+ points
  11. To be fair we did have the same problem at times under Rafa. On Bruce though, a lot of focus on his in game management today. The team lost its shape and the positioning was all to pot with the substitutions. Better moves might have won that game. One of the journalists asked him why he had 4 defenders on the bench and no Ki. His answer was that Dummett and Lascelles were carrying knocks. Not sure that warrants 4 defenders. Was he a man of excuses at Villa? I'm sure in a month or two's time we'll bring Andy Carroll off the bench and lump it at the death.
  12. Two poor teams today. We look way off the Premier League pace and that's the only reason a poor Arsenal have managed a shot on target to win the game. Our passing on the whole was dreadful and wasteful. That we couldn't have a go at the end either is worrying. No idea what the formation and positions were in that 2nd half.
  13. Is this the first game of the season or the first game of pre-season? Passing has been awful. Good first 20 minutes. This Arsenal are or were there for the taking but we're not even remotely sharp. Only Miggy is really. Don't think Arsenal can get worse than that so might be opportunity lost.
  14. Sadness has subsided and excitement kicking in. Looking forward to seeing Almiron as #10 and the midfield 3 of Longstaff, Hayden and Shelvey. Could get something here, interesting to see how we function.