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  1. It'll need to change hair style every 2 weeks to be accurate
  2. Harvsky

    Dwight Gayle Banned For Diving

    It's about time Gayle got caught.
  3. Explains why he always goes for roles which involve indiscrimantely killing, living out his desires in the movies
  4. Harvsky

    Sunderland Sign Will Grigg

    Calls for Wearside Jack to be sacked are getting louder.
  5. Harvsky

    Your social class

    Yeah yeah. Anything to cover up that you go to the theatre and opera for your entertainment
  6. Harvsky

    Your social class

    There are 3 social levels above new affluent worker so you should probably wear designer sunglasses indoors
  7. I remember keepers on the playground being described as Gordon Banks back in the 90s and early 00s, from young kids who never would have seen him play. Very few players are a name handed down generations. Banks is one. R.I.P
  8. Harvsky

    Your social class

    Here is a BBC quiz to find your class https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22000973 I'm an emergent service worker.
  9. Looked very promising. His energy and desire is exciting compared to what we've got and the flair french players we've seen debuted in the not to distant past.
  10. Harvsky

    Do your fans clap the oppositions 'keeper?

    It used to be more common but these days you have to earn a bit of respect first it seems. I quite like it. A small piece of civility from the past before everyone became vitriolic in the 60s. Like clapping an injured opponent off.
  11. Football is in need of teams making strong memorable history. Fans bouncing off walls. We've got that with Liverpool and you can feel the competition is actually bringing Man City to life a bit more. You can feel the tension. Tottenham are just dead as a fanbase.
  12. Thought so too. Played alright. Could have knicked it 1-0 on another day. Perez had 3 good chances and Rondon is inches away. Spurs best chances fell to square heeds so we stayed in the game a long time. On another note, good example of why players aren't allowed to run up to opposition fans in celebration. Ref did a poor job there. Not sure why Son felt the need to run all the way to the corner where we were. Then Trippier and Winks were clenching their fists at Newcastle fans. It created an anger and several minutes where stewards lost control as a small number of both sets of fans were getting a bit carried away having a go at each other until the heavy's were brought in. All stemming from Son's decision to run at the Newcastle fans.
  13. I imagine we will field the same team that beat Man City.