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  1. Boots it in the stand when under pressure. Another Carragher
  2. Harvsky

    Benítez or Klopp?

    Mascherano and Torres joined Liverpool 2 years after they won the Champions League. You'll have to switch Torres out for Florent Sinama Pongolle or Neil Mellor
  3. Harvsky

    Benítez or Klopp?

    I think some may be blurring Klopp's team being impressive with Klopp's team winning the Champions League being impressive. A front three of Milan Baros, Harry Kewell and Luis Garcia won the Champions League ffs. That has to be a bigger feat. What next, Leicester's league win about the 14th biggest feat of premier league seasons
  4. Not sure if anyone already mentioned it, but how irritating was it when Jenas referred to every Spurs player by their first name My favourite bit of all came when the linesman didn't flag so as to allow VAR to be used if something went on to happen. I forget who had a shot. Jenas said something along the lines of "can you imagine if that shot broke someone's nose all because the linesman didn't flag"
  5. They finished 2 weeks ago. Also you're assuming someone is to blame instead of something. It's more a likely a possible lesson to learn going forward.
  6. Not sure if you've veered off the road there. My post was about if it is a hoax as Harry says. The chances of a hoax getting to the stage of NDA's is almost null. Not only would you have to be going to meetings and pranking the club staff you'd also have to stump up legal fees and fake your own lawyers. That's a bit elaborate, particularly for a radio station. If it's a hoax it's more likely to be the media that are played.
  7. The quality was poor. You have to wonder whether a 3 week gap is partly to blame.
  8. Club sources leaking that Ashley doesn't think the deal will happen and that it could be a publicity stunt. The Mirror always saying the Sheikh wants Mourinho or Wenger and won't keep Benitez
  9. Harvsky

    European Parliament Elections

    That's probably not true. No one has time to check the merits of everything. We rely on those we trust and trust is precisely when we become susceptible to spin.
  10. Harvsky

    European Parliament Elections

    You can fairly say what she is saying in one sentence if you cared to. Politics deserves honesty not disingenuous spin and cheap tricks. How can we politically debate when topics of discussion are reduced to rubbish.
  11. Harvsky

    European Parliament Elections

    She doesn't say stupid either. You are being everything you rant against. Do you talk like this when you knock on doors campaigning?
  12. Harvsky

    European Parliament Elections

    You took from those quotes that "The Norwegian President said that the UK choosing their model instead of what we already have is totally insane"?
  13. Harvsky

    European Parliament Elections

    Norway doesn't have a President. Are you able provide evidence the Prime Minister made the claims you state?
  14. He's used Chelsea as a stepping stone to Juventus