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  1. When you look at the team on paper surely it's going how you'd expect?
  2. Would a new manager actually fix Spurs issue of players shagging each others wives and knocking each other out?
  3. One of those rare games where there isn't a single result that would be a surprise.
  4. The two go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other and expect to be decent. Just last week Isaac Hayden shouted over to the bench "this isn't fucking working". Poor tactical preparation perpetuates a lack of effort.
  5. The change from Rafa to Bruce has been the complete collapse of organisation. I'm fairly emotionless every week to be honest. I and thousands of others don't care anymore. We know we are probably going down, I don't feel anger, at least not yet. I'm actually moving towards just calling it a day with football full stop. I don't think I'd miss it anymore because I feel no emotion. I can't even get angry.
  6. Looks it. Make or break time for Brucie.
  7. It's in them but who knows what will turn up. Shelvey's out so we should win though
  8. Low possession isn't bus parking in the current era. As you should know from our game at yours last year. We were the better team than Spurs in the first half. There is no evidence that this Newcastle team set up any particular way. We certainly didn't set up to have 23% possession at home to Brighton. So far we've put a team out and the game falls out how it falls out.
  9. you lot think we have tactics. The only thing going for us is that this group of players tend to dig big results out when under a lot of pressure. If they don't respond well to last weeks shit show we're likely going down on character alone.
  10. We've had other Brits interested over the last 10 years. He doesn't seem that interested in selling full stop, otherwise it would be done by now. Like any wealthy asset holder it doesn't matter to him whether he sells tomorrow or in 20 years time. For that reason he can sit there and hold out for an inflated price whilst pretending the club is for sale.
  11. The club's value has to drop by £50-100m after losing Rafa surely?
  12. Harvsky

    Exposing People For Their Past

    No surprises with the negative reaction, everyone on here is absolutely fucked if they got to a position of power.
  13. Of the squad when we went down Owen is the one where most blame lies, captain and poor. He was hated by everyone after that season, many abused and criticised him even before then. All his book proves is that either his ego helped get a club relegated or that club wrongly put faith in him because of his name at a time when he was probably out of his depth. There's a good reason his next gigs were sub roles. He's not the first player who used to be abused by the fans and then gets sassy about the club a few years later and he won't be the last.
  14. He was sacked in March but is so far up Mike Ashley's arse that he'd probably worm his way back in if he was found innocent.