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  1. Harvsky

    Karl Darlow Wanted by Championship Clubs

    Deserves to be playing, in general I mean, not ahead of Dubravka
  2. I'd like to see an open top bus driven by Jonas Gutierrez leading us all to a big bonfire of sports direct advertising on the town moor.
  3. Word now is that Kenyon and his US Consortium have agreed a deal in principle with the cunt to buy the club for £300m in installments.
  4. Just watching BBC News and Jacob Rees Mogg looks an awful lot like Hitler in this lighting
  5. You can be sacked if it can be proven that what you did outside of work brings the company image into disrepute. Now that his face is in every paper as a racist if he has a client facing role I'm sure his employer would want him gone.
  6. Harvsky

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    It's an interesting theory but I don't think he's that big that it should be a problem. If he is losing a yard something else could be wrong.
  7. Harvsky

    New Year, New Mafia

  8. Harvsky

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    Most documentaries are about how someone achieved something great. It makes sense to start making documentaries on how not to go about it.
  9. Artful dodger was talking about German politics role in economics not the decision making process of minor market rules and regs. The concept of German financial dominance and control is primarily a left wing idea centred around the arguments and observations of left wing economists. Most right wing city economists support the present flavour of Germany's politics. Indeed George Osbourne used to love it. The financial reich is a term from left wing circles.
  10. Harvsky

    2018/19 EFL Trophy (Checkatrade Trophy)

    Newcastle U23's have been drawn against Sunderland first team They'll be desperate to smash the kids as that draw is the ultimate humiliation
  11. Harvsky

    FA Cup 2018/19 Third Round Draw

    Happy with that draw but never happy with any draw can go out to anyone in round 3 us lot Would love a cup run but we're obviously not going to bother.
  12. In Warsaw right now so will miss this one. Reckon a couple of thousand might boycott but no more.
  13. When I saw the lineup I thought we were throwing the game. Atsu, Murphy and Manquillo. 3 players lucky if they are even on the bench. For what we put out there it worked well enough. Atsu and Murphy had reasonable goes for who they are. We were only ever uncomfortable when Everton players ran beyond the ball. Back 5 is the way forward for us I think.
  14. More digging from him today. Now saying it was meant as a contrast with Frank Sinatra. What.