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  1. A fit and proper takeover there. Dodgy as fuck. I don't see how Wigan can face a points deduction when the EFL passed this new ownership just 4 weeks ago. Even then they must have known the COVID impact on finances. EFL should be punished.
  2. Harvsky

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Looks like more than Leicester should be in lockdown. @DeadLinesman 's street a hotbed for the virus
  3. We've played some great football. Good reaction to the weekend.
  4. Saint Maximim pure class. What a player. 3 months in lockdown dribbling around a couple of dogs and a 3 year old in the garden has paid off
  5. He's regressed under Bruce. A long goal drought earlier in the season but his effort and quality is appreciated so fans lived with it. For large spells of this season we've been the worst in our history in terms of possession and probably attack. We don't have any good centre forwards for Miggy to play off. Only when Saint Maximim plays can we win games and get up the pitch.
  6. A few changes but our line up might be good enough to get something.
  7. I doubt we will win without Saint Maximim but who knows, Lazaro will likely start and he's decent.
  8. Sounds like Bruce is going to make a lot of changes. Saint-Maximim likely out as well. Apologies in advance to everyone down the bottom who needs us to win.
  9. Harvsky

    Left vs. Right

    I thought the middle ground were called centrist lib dem toss pots?
  10. Harvsky

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    It's an ok starter study but there are a lot of confounding variables not considered in the methodology. The lead assumption is that black and white players in those leagues are equally distributed in terms of skillset and match incident. It just takes one attribute or incident to be more common in one than the other for the statistics to swing without it actually being bias.
  11. Harvsky

    Thomas Robert - Newcastle

    So it was a national thing!!! Ridiculous left foot. I remember his debut in a friendly at SJP. He had a free kick, hit the ball so hard it sounded like thunder when he connected, it smashed the post and shook the goalposts. At that moment we all knew this bloke was going to be something for us.
  12. Harvsky

    Thomas Robert - Newcastle

    Hopefully has the talent of his dad but not his laziness I remember on the playground when you belt the ball as hard as you can miles away from the goal whilst shouting Robert
  13. Harvsky

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I'm sure your home games can be played at the City Ground instead.