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  1. Imagine getting over 90 points and not winning the league
  2. Harvsky

    Racism in football

    I'm almost certain racism is on the rise among under 30s. A concoction of social media and the bizarre free for all goading environment that football is. The topic tends to focus almost entirely on middle aged men who have enough wealth to go to Chelsea games.
  3. Then we beat them 4-3 and they lose the title
  4. Great first hour, showing you can have 30% possession and look dangerous creating plenty of chances. Stark contrast to our last away game at Arsenal where we had 30% possession and weren't able to make any attacks. The front 3 didn't touch the ball then but were excellent last night. Sky treat us like we are pure shite but reality is under Rafa that the vast majority of games are tight. We drew away at Bournemouth, Wolves, Watford and Everton. If you take out West Ham who seem to be our kryptonite then we've only lost 4 times against the other 12 teams outside the top 6. 4 defeats in those 21 games.
  5. 6 defeats in a row for Boro.
  6. If anyone deserved to win 1 nil it was us. I'm tired of Yedlin, he must cost us 3 or 4 games a season. If we have any top half ambition he needs to be replaced in the summer. In 10 days time Cardiff will have played Burnley and Brighton, we'll have lost at Leicester. We'll know if we are safe or dragged back in.
  7. Any club in any league position that is served up the same sort of stuff year after year becomes dull. However you do need some sense of structure as a base point and not completely wild swings of fortune. Really clubs like Man Utd and Arsenal should be lower mid table flirting with relegation, instead they can play like they are and finish top 6
  8. It's a pretty big failure when you look at those spending figures
  9. The polling is based on a hypothetical where the EU refuses extension and you are left with the choice of remain, no deal or not sure. That's not actually real life options currently. The result is also not a majority. Sample size is also probably very low. If anything, it might suggest that a bigger chunk of leave voters just want out no matter what than the amount of remain voters who will always tick remain.
  10. Thought that route in was blocked by the home office.
  11. None of the bottom 7 or 8 do but only 3 go down.