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  1. A push, 9 is more realistic. Arsenal game in between their two semi finals. You lot during your choking period and Man City with nothing to play for. Liverpool the only difficult game.
  2. We are 2 wins away from safety. Bruce is right, win this and we are almost there. However if we don't win this we head into Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City and Leicester fixtures probably saying the same bloody thing over and over until we end up at home to Sheffield United. Would love it if we could win be a massive relief.
  3. SkyBruce Championship

    EFL Cup Final Date Moved

    Guessing the ffs is because it's on the condition that you dress up as a nurse
  4. SkyBruce Championship

    Zlatan's Place in Football History

    I think the pinnacle of his career was probably when Joey Barton gestured that he had a big nose.
  5. West Ham are due a defeat How mad is it that after that first game of the season against them they looked like relegation fodder and we looked like top half promise.
  6. Were the players on the bus when the windows were smashed in?
  7. I didn't know Real Madrid was another one of Liverpool's so called derby matches
  8. SkyBruce Championship

    Off Topic

    A better solution to banning for @Mpache
  9. SkyBruce Championship

    Harry Kane Wants to Leave Tottenham?!

    It's good to see Man Utd finally victims of the "You played under Alex Ferguson? You'll be a great manager"
  10. SkyBruce Championship

    Harry Kane Wants to Leave Tottenham?!

    Don't see why anyone would leave Tottenham for Man Utd or vice versa.
  11. Hope Leicester don't choke again
  12. SkyBruce Championship

    Newcastle United Discussion

    I couldn't give a toss if they comfortably survive, I'm done with the liar, fraud and fool that he is. Every time he opens his mouth something Trumpian comes out. It'll take a lot more than 36 points to heal this rift. Unless we finish 10th I don't want to hear about how he might have turned his own fuck up around in the space of 2 games. Allan Saint-Maximin shouldn't have to bail out a dogshit display at Burnley.
  13. Steve Bruce We haven't got back to back wins A draw with Spurs is now a win