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  1. SkyBruce Championship

    European Super League - Founding Clubs Confirm Break-Away League

    I'm all for it. I can't wait to see some of these fans handle a 25% win ratio. Someone's got to lose.
  2. SkyBruce Championship

    What do you look for in a football team?

    A long held Tyneside tradition of inflicting longstanding pain and anger upon each generation. I think they call it character building.
  3. SkyBruce Championship

    Your best 3 players this season?

    Callum Wilson Isaac Hayden Alex Bruce
  4. SkyBruce Championship

    Will Man City Win the Quadruple?

    Usernames have no bearing on outcome. Just ask "Happy" Blue here
  5. SkyBruce Championship

    Will Man City Win the Quadruple?

    Don't deny the threads magic, proven again it does work but you asked more of it than the thread title
  6. SkyBruce Championship

    Tammy Abraham - Set to Leave Chelsea

    Or weaken them as he did last time he played for a low possession team
  7. SkyBruce Championship

    Norwich City Back in the Premier League

    Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth back up, Fulham and West Brom down and then we all return to stadiums as if nothing happened in the last year.
  8. Aye we've won enough times to make that a classic scenario It's player, not players. One player getting results in spite of Bruce. 4 wins in 23, 1 key player each time.
  9. See you all next season for more of the same
  10. Run around and get a goal. It's the new tiki taka. Going to change the shape of football as we know it with this success rate
  11. Livid. What a horrendous approach to the 2nd half. Nothing stinks of tactically inept and ill prepared like this.
  12. Lol are we inviting 10 men on.
  13. Maxi single handedly keeping us up. What a player. Desperately need a takeover to go through this summer or he'll be gone.