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  1. Brighton win I suppose keeps us away from Fulham a little longer. Even if it would knock us down the table. Draw puts Fulham within 6 points and they have West Brom after this.
  2. Fulham have Brighton then West Brom. West Brom have Fulham then Sheffield United. We are away to Everton. You'd expect the "cushion" we have to be gone in a week.
  3. Danny Mills reckons we'd be mad to want Bruce out after that 2nd half
  4. 2 out of last 27. Will be 30 at the weekend We didn't deserve to lose today though. Bruce buys himself a few days until normal service is resumed with that 2nd half
  5. Worryingly I'm experiencing physiological reactions you'd expect of something like claustrophobia or a sensation of being trapped watching this first half. Tight chest, anxiety. Bizarre. It's all about their being no way out of this rot because Bruce won't be sacked or quit. I may have to just give up football for a while until circumstances change one way or the other.
  6. It doesn't inspire much confidence but let's see how it goes. Glad Murphy is in.
  7. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    I told someone I know who still goes to the office who doesn't need to of the same story. His response was "he's old init" No he's not. By all known measures this man was not vulnerable. That's also not the point. Even if you won't be badly impacted you can spread it and contribute to mutating it. We have all lapsed somewhere at some point most likely and will continue to. However there's a difference between lapsing and having an underlying lack of social responsibility in your belief system.
  8. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    On Christmas Eve my mates mother called his father down for dinner. He wasn't responding. They shouted again. Nothing. His mother and sister went upstairs where they found him out cold, not responding, they shook him, he wouldn't respond. Panic ensued. They called 999, the emergency services guided them through an attempted resuscitation. Pushing hard and fast on the chest. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Covid. His oxygen levels had dropped so low it caused the non response. There were no beds at the local hospital on the covid ward however. He ended up in an A&E bed for a couple of days. London was becoming overwhelmed. Eventually he was transferred. A place was available at a more central hospital. A few days in, conscious, using his phone, he spoke to his family, provided them passwords and other emergency information they might need. Just a couple of days before he bought a new car. Life was going on. Then one night in hospital he deteriorated, fast. The doctors made the decision to induce a coma and get him on a ventilator. The family of course could not see him. They had to wait at home. Wait for 1 phone call per day from the hospital. The stress and the distress was so much that my mates gf had to take the calls, no one in the immediate family could digest the information and relay it. The mother had to be protected, fed less information, for she couldn't handle hearing it. Once a day a doctor would call, what time, they didn't know, it could be 5pm it could be 1am. The doctors were overwhelmed keeping people alive. When they did call it wouldn't last more than a minute. The doctors didn't have time. Each day passed, the family stuck at home. We supported my mate at work as much as we could. Everyday checking in, asking if any news, trying to take work pressure off wherever we can. Then the news coming back was that he was in the worst possible state you can be where oxygen is concerned. Air was trapped in the lungs so they couldn't turn him over onto his front as is best for covid patients. Some days it would be a tiny bit better, 5 or 10% better on the oxygen level, then reversed the next day. A week passed. Then another week. No real improvement. We all had our hopes it would be ok, for here is a fighter with no underlying health conditions, fairly young, certainly no age to go. Doctors then reported kidney problems. A common feature on this sort of support machines and medicines. Another week passed. Now he had pneumonia. It became one thing after the other. On Thursday the family were called, told to go into the hospital immediately. Not told anything else. Of course if you've read up on this sort of thing you know that doctors get family's in to covid wards if someone is about to die, a last offering of humanity, a last chance to say your goodbyes. That evening he passed away. Almost a month after entering hospital. Covid won. A man taken down years if not decades before his time. A family distraught. A widow made far too young. Maybe grand children one day who won't have a grandfather. And why? You have to ask why did this happen? What we do know is he contracted the virus at work. Why was he at work? He didn't need to be. The occupation is one that can work from home. We hear that the boss made everyone go in. 3 people who I know who got covid in December did so in the workplace, 2 of them didn't need to be in the workplace. One suspects the boss may be like you. Covid is a scam, get over it, you're not at risk. The misreading, the misunderstanding, the downplaying of statistical risk. A common problem among men across many areas. It's difficult after the last months experience to read anything downplaying the virus. Treating it as if it is nothing to be concerned about. As if it is a hoax. As if life should carry on like nothing. As if the people who die or go through hell and their families going through hell aren't worth anything. The disregard for the screams of pain. The weeping. The emotional hell. Have some humanity. Have some class. Have some forethought. This virus is serious.
  9. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Frank Lampard Sacked by Chelsea

    What's the point in Lampard getting another job? He's failed and is on his way down now. It's highly unlikely he'll get a 2nd chance at the top. What is the point in spending a few years in Scotland just to end up at Brighton or something? What's the end goal? England? Probably has more chance becoming next England manager by not taking another club job.
  10. You know what, I'd start Gayle against this lot. Gayle, Wilson, Almiron, ASM, Fraser front 5. Go for it. 6-4 defeat but whatever.
  11. Bruce's selections and formations are all over the place at the minute. Who knows what he'll go for this time. He just keeps trying anything in desperation. Given he's banging on about not being able to play Fraser and ASM together all season I suspect he'll do it now.
  12. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Who will succeed Tuchel at Chelsea?

    I was thinking more Klub Khelsea Kunts and the Renford Rejects
  13. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Frank Lampard Sacked by Chelsea

    He wasn't sacked because of the Luton Town game though, they most likely already decided to sack him but left him incharge of it.
  14. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Frank Lampard Sacked by Chelsea

    I hate shit like this. Where they've clearly got their next manager lined up but they leave the current one in charge for a game. It's so snide.