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  1. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus and Football

    The rule is 50% capacity or 4000, whichever is lower for your stadium. In other words it's a full house for the Boro
  2. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Chelsea Discussion

    It begs the question whether our lads would have gotten away with their shite performance if a crowd was there. I'm not saying we would have won, the setup was shite, but a few players would have been more full blooded and bounce back better surely. Home to your lot and Man Utd and there's no evidence of any motivation. We lose the game in the press conference the day before.
  3. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    It's going to be not for profit for as long as we are considered in a pandemic. Which means it will be 4x cheaper than Pfizer, 7x cheaper than Moderna but 3x the price of a 500ml bottle of bleach.
  4. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Players over 50

    Arjen Robben looks over 50 if that counts.
  5. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    If you get 2 high doses a month apart it is 62%. If you get a low dose then a high dose a month later it is 90%. If you get a lollipop with either it goes up 2% A control group wore tin foil hats for 3 weeks and it was 5% Credit to Oxford University for covering all confounding variables
  6. It is us who should be thanking you for participating in our specially arranged event to get sports direct hoardings on the telebox. The amount of Lonsdale underwear sold in that 90 minutes will feed the team for 3 days.
  7. Realistically we could have lost 5 of our 9 games by 5+ goals.
  8. Naff and pointless us. We'll get to 40 odd points probably, Bruce not good enough for more so we are just sitting around waiting for these 2 court cases against the Premier League so we can move on as a club.
  9. That has happened twice before this season but I genuinely don't think that it is deliberate tactic. It's luck and chance.
  10. Tediously naff as usual. However... our shithousing speciality is still well and truly on the cards
  11. We've lost 3-0 and 4-1 in the first 4 home games this season. The most peppered goal in the league. We'll probably win because Chelsea are due a defeat Though I think Bruce will play for a draw just so when we look at the league table the W D and L all say 3. That sort of thing is about as cool as it gets around here these days.
  12. Steve Bruce Almighty

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Don't ever let them tell you its an economic decision. Unless they can argue the fiscal multiplication of other investments is greater than public sector pay then any pay freeze at a time of increased spending for any other budget is most likely philosophical. Economics can be used to feed a political philosophy however seen fit. At the route of all of this is a philosophical view of the public sector. I'm not talking full blown libertarianism, rather a softer version, attitudes towards what is perceived as public sector "largesse". The BBC printed today that public sector pay is 7% higher than private sector pay. Thats a nice figure to try and justify a pay freeze but some public sector careers are a cul-de-sac. What I mean is once you're in there's no promotion, or very few opportunities for promotion, so a pay rise is all you have. The job role doesn't move much. The private sector, or specifically the service sector economy of cities, London in particular is a market place rather than a cul-de-sac, in a market place you sell yourself to the highest bidder. So people move jobs, roles, organisations freely. That's their pay rise. Actual private sector pay rises for being in the same role in most businesses is far worse than the public sector. Especially if you aren't unionised. Tax doesnt pay for spend at the national level. It hasn't for a while. Recent theories are that it is a means to control inflation. We are now closing in on £1trn that the Bank of England has e-printed and given to the state for spending. The Cameron-Osborne government said £500bn ago it had to stop. Unless we have a miracle boom the debt the state has won't fall. To fall tax revenue needs to exceed both expenditure and annual debt interest payments. Paying down Bank of England debt means taking money out of the economy. With current inflation levels that will stunt growth at best, cause a recession at worst. Public sector can definitely have a pay rise, it won't get it for philosophical reasons, or at best what might be called economic conservativism, which in real English means shitting yourself that it might rain one day. You can argue the opposite, that a pay rise is also philosophical. Certainly giving someone more pay for a role in a pandemic is not an economic choice either. One of my personal biggest gripes with the Corbyn-McDonnell era is their inability to repaint the picture on economic choice. They pretty much gifted the argument to the Conservative Party.
  13. Steve Bruce Almighty

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Announcement is later today. NHS expected to be exempt. Given what is going on in the private sector with job insecurity, job losses, closed down businesses, collapsed revenue and furlough they most likely believe they will easily survive this in polling and public attitudes.
  14. Wilson is out so Andy Carroll will be there to smash your two centre halves Terry and Desailly. Expect a few extra pegs in the side netting in case Bruce opts for Joelinton instead.