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  1. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    North East rule is households can't mix full stop. Whether indoors, outdoors, at the pub, whatever. You might not get full compliance but most older people I know and hear of are following the new guidelines. Estimates in previous restrictions were for around 75-90% compliance. Highest compliance among over 60s. That was sufficient back then to work. It didn't stop the attempts to blame non-compliance and set things up as if a full beach is the problem. In some ways that chastising acts as a deterrent against more breaking the rules. If the new restrictions don't work then blame can't be at the door of non-compliance but rather the insufficent rules. Non-compliance should be priced in to any rules.
  2. Got to be winning this and with the draw got to make it to the Quarter Finals. Disgrace if not.
  3. Does Bruce read this forum? A little dig by him at those questioning tactics. Blames being 2 down in 7 minutes instead.
  4. What's going on with all these goals in nearly every game. Does the league need to be paused until fans come back? It's like 7 aside all the time
  5. If anything it's a compliment. Back handed maybe. Bruce struggled with Daniel Farke home and away last season. Probably the only manager to do so. My theory (and it could be a total coincidence) is that against anyone even mildly post 2006 progressive in their football view and we look at worst shite and at best constipated. Anyone still similar to 2006 football, like Mourinho, Nuno, Ole, Moyes. We look at worst constipated, at best an interesting prospect. Let's see what happens next week against Mourinho. Wouldn't be surprised if we look alright even if we lose. If we get dicked and look just as bad as today then we shall have to sound alarm bells this early on.
  6. It was nice of Sky to show some Sunday League. In these difficult times it's not safe to go down to the local park of Saint James. That's probably in our top 3 worst performances since promotion. Should have been 4 or 5 to Brighton. No Premier League side should lose 3-0 at home to anyone unless it is to Man City or Liverpool. If you do you should have your wages docked and a public flogging without face masks. We played Brighton at home exactly 1 year ago tomorrow. We were a shower of shite and couldn't get the ball off them, mugged them off with a 0-0 draw. I think it is fair to say comparing the two games Potter's Brighton have progressed and we look like having defensively regressed. That defending is scarily bad and we've done just as little infront of goal. We lost 5-1 preseason to Middlesbrough. Our defence was on its arse in that game. Our backup defence just got the run around midweek by Blackburn Rovers who then fluffed their chances. What's going on? The personnel are talented enough, we've seen it before. You therefore have to consider what you can't see, which is the coaching and match prep. Against managers like Potter and Brendan Rodgers, why do we look out of our depth? I'd even say he struggles against Dean Smith. The whole game screamed of an absence of preparation, consideration and thought. It looks like team and management arrogance has walked into this.
  7. Disgusting first half. Didn't even manage a shot did we? If we can't mount some sort of pressure and fight in the 2nd half then there's about as much hope for us under Bruce as West Ham have under Moyes who failed this particular test last week. Prove your worth here.
  8. It's amazing how much a team can collapse in performance and mindset when the tactics don't work. We need to make 4 subs at half time.
  9. The start of this game stinks of a manager who doesn't do his homework and doesn't do tactics to any great extent.
  10. So many goals behind closed doors. What's going on?
  11. Same team that beat West Ham starts. Howay the lads.
  12. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Cengiz Ünder - Leicester Sign Roma Winger

    The lad looks soft as clarts with that baby face
  13. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Cengiz Ünder - Leicester Sign Roma Winger

    Is that Leicester who have come up with that nickname?