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  1. Steve Bruce Almighty

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Although contrary to two of your points (1) there is most likely political value in being reasoned and appealing to intellect on the basis of statistically measured biases toward members of particular professions with such a reputation (e.g doctors and trust), (2) most Prime Ministers in our history are measured in their approach suggesting there is also something favourable in that, these two aren't really much to do with my actual point in question. As stressed at the start I am referring to the expression of crap that is detrimental to Labour being in power. It is important for that point to understand why and what that means. It means understanding who Labour needs to understand. From a very young age we learn to tailor our words and tone to achieve our own desired outcome from whomever we are encountering. Any functional adult is already consciously doing this with every interaction. Fluctuating in approach from one audience to another. This is no different. During the last few years of observation and conversations with a variety of type of Conservative voter, among those who I consider potential Labour votes there is a clear undercurrent whereby their Conservative support strengthens when people associated with Labour talk a particular derisory shite. The topic of which has to of course be a trigger for them. The reason they encounter this is because the speaker does not understand them and how it sounds to them. This could be out of ignorance or a failure on the speakers behalf to calculate that they need these people, be it immediately visible or over a prolonged time in subtle form. When talking about this particular audience, knowing what I believe I do about them I can't think of a worse type of response to what Johnson said about freedom for the Labour cause than putting down Britain in some way. The more shrewd responses for this audience appear to be those that aim to wrestle the idea of Britain from Johnson in a positive light, those emphasising the great compliance and effort of the nation. Johnson, by chance or on purpose seems to play some Labour associates to his advantage. Particularly when it comes to Brexit. This is an example of it in action. That he can say something which will trigger opponents and in turn that triggering reinforces his own support is quite something to watch. If they weren't easily triggered in the first place the comment probably would never have received coverage. It's mainly the fbpe clickbait outlets that initially spread what he said.
  2. Excellent from us Joelinton has found his level.
  3. Steve Bruce Almighty

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    I never said anyone was attached to Starmer. I said that there is crap posted in here that is detrimental to the Starmer cause which is a Labour government. I've raised this before on here when Corbyn was incharge, the way some express certain attitudes around weak arguments is symbolic of what pushes people to Johnson. I'm also well aware that if I wanted to change someone's mind saying they talk crap would not be the way to do that. That itself is the same thing in a more crude form. This is a publishing platform. It can be read by members and guests who don't reply, but the posts sometimes look like the sort of bonding session 6 pints in I've had many times in Westminster and Soho. You start to talk crap and hatred that gets likes because there's no one to pull you up on it. It's not about agreeing with everything the Labour Party says. It's not about promoting their point regardless. It's about recognising you're associated with Labour, like it or not, and thus should be thinking on a publishing platform and is the argument tight enough to pull support in or is it pushing people away. It's no good contributing to a culture of pushing people away for years then complaining that the Conservatives won. Imagine you're a potential swing voter who went Conservative in 2019. Suspend your agenda and think about the reasons why. Think about the attitudes and thoughts that you can compromise on. That can be palatable. Think about what isn't palatable to them and whether you can be gentle around it without compromising your position. When Johnson said freedom loving the responses on here were weak arguments, the kind that reinforces the conservative vote.
  4. Steve Bruce Almighty

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    There's about 10 absolute shite points on this page that are detrimental to the Starmer cause as well though, maybe because this seems to be seen as an anti-Tory safe space to shoot shite from the hip and not the public domain it actually is. The latest yougov Westminster poll has Labour and the Conservatives tied on 40% when don't knows are excluded. That is a whopping fall for Boris of 13% in 4 months and loss of a 20% lead. There's no such data cut as England. Data is cut instead by region as this makes more sense for homogeneity given the stark differences in regions within England. Scotland is considered a region. Conservative change is less there on the grounds there was less to lose in the first place I guess. Still, Labour's Westminster growth is non existent. The changing winds are coming from England and Wales.
  5. It means we need to beat Morecambe then Newport to make the Quarter Finals. The club should fold if it doesn't.
  6. And Newcastle won't pay for Morecambe players to be tested because we're tight as fuck
  7. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I think it would be fair to argue that it can't be working if cases are rising exponentially. However, there was an overnight rapid jump in cases within 24-48 hours of some schools going back. If you are running something administrative like this which has a steady level then bang it doubles it is going to be so easy to fall behind the game.
  8. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Clusters of cases are tracked on a weekly basis through track and trace data. Main culprits of clusters are care homes by far, again, then schools, workplaces and restaurants. However most covid cases can't or aren't being traced to a cluster. Probably because of asymptomatic carriers. That's where or maybe why household restrictions come in. You tend to only hear in the news if a cluster is found, maybe in a factory or a pub.
  9. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    Boro also had 1000 fans in at the weekend, which is them back to normal attendances
  10. Steve Bruce Almighty

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    North East rule is households can't mix full stop. Whether indoors, outdoors, at the pub, whatever. You might not get full compliance but most older people I know and hear of are following the new guidelines. Estimates in previous restrictions were for around 75-90% compliance. Highest compliance among over 60s. That was sufficient back then to work. It didn't stop the attempts to blame non-compliance and set things up as if a full beach is the problem. In some ways that chastising acts as a deterrent against more breaking the rules. If the new restrictions don't work then blame can't be at the door of non-compliance but rather the insufficent rules. Non-compliance should be priced in to any rules.
  11. Got to be winning this and with the draw got to make it to the Quarter Finals. Disgrace if not.
  12. Does Bruce read this forum? A little dig by him at those questioning tactics. Blames being 2 down in 7 minutes instead.
  13. What's going on with all these goals in nearly every game. Does the league need to be paused until fans come back? It's like 7 aside all the time
  14. If anything it's a compliment. Back handed maybe. Bruce struggled with Daniel Farke home and away last season. Probably the only manager to do so. My theory (and it could be a total coincidence) is that against anyone even mildly post 2006 progressive in their football view and we look at worst shite and at best constipated. Anyone still similar to 2006 football, like Mourinho, Nuno, Ole, Moyes. We look at worst constipated, at best an interesting prospect. Let's see what happens next week against Mourinho. Wouldn't be surprised if we look alright even if we lose. If we get dicked and look just as bad as today then we shall have to sound alarm bells this early on.