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  1. They'll only sack him when we are cut adrift at the bottom, they said so last year. ASM could probably single handedly ensure we aren't cut adrift. With the takeover in the courts in February they'll hang on to Bruce as long as possible.
  2. We didn't learn anything new. Our goal is peppered every game. We need to sort that out. On another day Leeds could have won comfortably. For a home game we've got away with it again. Away to Watford and Wolves next. Surely got to get a win.
  3. Incorrect. Rafa did not have 2 seasons after finishing 10th he had 1. Last year was not Bruce's first season. This is his 3rd year. In Rafa's final season he spent £18m in the summer. We struggled. Ashley was largely blamed for lack of spend but some fans were disgruntled with Rafa. He then signed Almiron in January and in the 2nd half of the season we were excellent. We were a proper outfit and clearly on course for good things. Stats without context is bad analysis. That's what's happening when you judge based on a googled league table. Jacob Murphy was the most expensive player Rafa signed at £12m. Bruce has bought FIVE players for more than that. Ashley didn't back Rafa because the business model is to not spend until we have saved the money. Under Rafa we saved tens of millions and when he left that summer it was there in a pot to spend. It was spent on Joelinton and ASM. Don't reduce the opposition to Bruce to just spending arguments. Those arguments are about YOUR claims that Bruce has done well or just as good as Rafa. We've wanted Bruce out on numerous occasions because our eyes are offended by the crap served up and our ears are offended by the wanker comments he makes.
  4. Don't really care what happened 3 years ago. Comparing is stats without context. We were 17th with 4 games to go last season. We won 3 of the last 4, sending us up the ladder dramatically and out of nowhere. It was not by any stretch of the imagination a not bad season. That team should have had the objective of 10th. Competing for 10th. Hardly a high bar. We had spent enough to do it. We had the players to get close at least. Yet we finished a whopping 14 points behind that and spent a lot of the year flirting with the drop. Now here we are. A bad start to the season. Are we going to be flirting with the drop again or are we going to push on for the top 10? What do you think?
  5. How is not any worse than Rafa a good thing? He inherited Rafa's team minus Ayoze Perez and spent £125m without losing anyone good. Yet we are out the League cup and in the bottom 3 looking total dog shit and in desperate need of a win tonight.
  6. For sure things will be on edge. We'll need to come out strong. Wouldn't be surprised if we did to be honest. Some times you get a rise when these stories come out.
  7. Pardew wasn't wanted. He came in to fans chanting for Chris Hughton back. Yet when Pardew did well that one time he was celebrated. No reason Bruce can't be either. I don't buy any of this you never wanted him therefore you Geordies are too thick to give him credit when it is due. Bruce, the Donald Trump of football, who treats us fans like the Democrats, the Evening Chronicle like CNN and Rafa like Hilary Clinton, by virtue of his own stupid mouth has to do more than otherwise to win fans over. He makes everything 100 times worse for himself and is ruining football for a city with his twatish remarks all the time. He is the embodiment of anti-Newcastle, he chooses to be that. He isn't our manager he is yours. He takes his strength from you not us. He sees himself as superior to us and not the servant of the fans. He takes his lead from you. The ease of which Newcastle United majority fan opinion can be written off by outsiders is what he gets out of bed for. I long for the day he and the rest of those who have a negative opinion on our support and who we are, back us or just leave us alone.
  8. I've long looked at the way failures speak of their time at a club after they've been booted. It's often totally divorced from reality, full of clichés and blaming others. It makes sense to be like that because how else could you live with yourself. Imagine being a failure in your job where everyone around you thinks you are shit, that's not good for your mental health. You need some defence. Some cognitive twist. Otherwise you'll be depressed. The problem for Bruce, as it was for Pardew, is that he's long past his failure cut off point. He's still in the job so we are seeing the defence mechanisms while he still comes to work. Like Pardew a couple of wins here and there could buy some respite but it is all temporary because ultimately he's most likely not good enough for the job. At least there's no evidence now or in his past that he is.
  9. Fuck me have worse words ever been said by a manager? We are rotten to the core.
  10. Still early days but for us Rafa was excellent against those in the bottom half and that's who Everton's start has been against. His organisational ability and game management just does the job there.
  11. Less so than before. Back end of last season we had the semblance of a style. The # 1 problem with Bruce are the words that come out of his mouth. He is the antithesis of what a football club should be about and who it belongs to. He depresses me. Irritates me. He says all the wrong things. I'll be honest, Steve Bruce, is the massive fucking straw that broke the camels back for me. I find after 2 decades of barely ever missing a game in person, on tv, stream or radio, I now repeatedly don't bother. Bruce and what comes out of his mouth is a such a big reason for that. After this Man Utd game he blamed the local press for brainwashing fans against him. He just needs to go.
  12. In my opinion no top 4 team home game to any of the bottom 10 should ever be selected for television.
  13. Think we might flush this time. Truth is Martin Dubravka has saved us defensively last years. Now he's out we are in trouble. By the time he is back we could be long gone.
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