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  1. Just tried this, shows as pending atm, but it seems that it worked... This is good stuff as I had endless issues with PayPal payments in the past. Still Discord 4 life though
  2. Happy birthday to you too!!!
  3. Happy birthday! Now get your arse to Discord.
  4. Plenty of learning going on there currently
  5. See the TalkFootball365 logo in the top left? Click on it! It will then show all the discussion "channels" (equivalent of subforums/topics) and chats in them!
  6. Well you managed to log in, that's all that matters
  7. @CaaC (John) you might have to ask wee Kaiden for help
  8. One 8 too many compared to the previous number???
  9. But it shows that you joined???
  10. Check the phone country code. It shows +1, which is USA. UK is +44 I believe. And then remove the zero in front of the number
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